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Where to buy good winter boots in Beijing?


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I am looking to buy a good pair of boots for this winter but don't want to end up with a pair that fall apart after two months.

I just want a pair that look okay - wear with jeans etc - will keep my feet dry/warm and stop me falling over on ice/snow.

Can anyone give me any recommendations?

The absolute max I want to pay is 1000RMB but i'd be happier nearer 500RMB. Of course, never say never.


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I bought some hiking boots in Beijing at a large sporting goods store called "Decathlon". I think it is a French company or something. Anyway, my boots were 400, and they had boots going from 250-700. I bought them around 4 months ago and hiked around a good deal in Qinghai and Gansu province wearing them. They are still in very good condition and, with wool socks on, are extremely warm.

Not sure if you are OK with hiking boots, but they are warm enough and will keep you from slipping on snow and ice fairly well. If you're interested, I can look up the exact location and paste the link.

Actually Beijing is not that cold (well, compared to where I live). I think normal shoes are OK as long as you wear wool socks and don't stand in one place in the middle of the night in January for too long.

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I know Decathalon and, as it happens, I'm going there tomorrow. There is one in LiShuiQiao.

I wasn't really after hiking boots - I wanted more of a workman type of boot (thats the only way I can think to describe it?!) but, even so, I will see what they have tomorrow! If i can find a pair of hiking boots I like ... at least I could use them for hiking where as other ones might just be good for the city.

Thanks for the tip.

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You can sometimes find some decent boots in Liyuan market (ground floor, is connected to suning). My shoe size is 48 so its incredibly hard to find anything in my size, however theres a guy on the ground floor that sells mainly leather shoes/boots and managed to get a pair of boots for 250kuai ^_^ if you happen to be in tongzhou (which I admit is unlikely) then it would be a good place to check out

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