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Ancient funeral customs


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I have searched a lot for information on Chinese customs in the Han dynasty, but have not found very little information in English. My question right now is the funeral customs around the third century CE, before Buddhism made an impact.

The most common (initial) period of mourning is 49 days, but according to one site I read <admin: removed link>, there is also a custom of 100 days of mourning.

As to the 49-day custom, according to the Wikipedia article on bardo, 'Both the Mahāvibhāṣa and the Abhidharmakośa have the notion of the intermediate state lasting "seven times seven days" (i.e. 49 days) at most. This is one view, though, and there were also others.' It seems very likely that the 49-day custom comes from Buddhism.

Before Buddhism arrived, what was the custom? Was it 100 days? What else did people do for funerals back then?

If anyone also has any suggestions on English books that talk about Han (or earlier) customs, I will also be very grateful.

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