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Eastern Han Dynasty


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Hi! I am from Norway, and I am taking chinese classes this year. We are going to have a presentation about the Eastern Han Dynasty(Later Han). I find it difficult to find relevant material on the internet for this. Does anybody know something interesting about the Eastern Han Dynasty that they want to share?


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Well, for a start, you would probably get more useful replies if you could say why the information available to you through Wikipedia and Google is not sufficient and what other types of information you are hoping to find.

'Different' and 'Interesting' aren't really specific enough.

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I don't understand what you mean by "facts that are not just history" It happened in the past it is therefore it is history, I think you will just have to search the internet with some specific search terms and maybe visit a library and search through some history books.

There is probably a limited amount of information about things like this anyway, and you just have to search through it all to glean what you need.

Good luck

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If you're in Norway, why don't you use one of the many resources that are available to you for free, and that are meant to be used for projects like these? There are e.g. the university libraries in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim and Deichmannske in Oslo who have access to journals, texts, reference material and research librarians who can help you further!

Try to at least put a minimum of thought into your problems before asking others to help you. It took me a grand total of 5 seconds to get from

Maybe something about inventions from the eastern Han


That article is chock full of sources, like Needham which you should be able to find in your local library.

Whatever happened to the Norwegian concept of ansvar for egen læring? :-?


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