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走過烽火大地 Pilgrimage of Hope


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I've missed this programme, in fact I didn't know about it at all. Then a couple of weeks ago someone I know recommended that I watch the series.

It is not long, just 10 episodes each of less than 30 minutes, documenting a Hong Kong TV(B) artist's vists to areas like Syria, Lebonon, Iraq, Georgia, and Chechenia. It sounds interesting.

I think I will watch it. All of the ten episodes are now viewable on TVB's website, and will remain so for about 50 days more. The series is also available on other websites such as this.

If you are interested, please join me. As in all HK TV shows, the series is in Cantonese with traditional Chinese subtitles.

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Thank you for telling us about this. As long as there are Chinese subtitles I think I can try to join this viewing. Though I kind of struggled with browsing through the TVB website to find it, the site design was so cluttered.....wait a minute. This seems to be on Youtube also.

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Wow, this sounds interesting! Thanks. I'll definitely take a look at it over the winter break. (Too busy with schoolwork now.)

TVB's website I think is only allow you to watch videos in HK, but hopefully I can find it somewhere else; youtube looks promising for now, but I hope they don't... delete the videos. XD (the version I'm watching on youtube doesn't seem to have subtitles; this is probably a good thing for me because then I can't rely on the subtitles too much; I just hope people don't start speaking in Arabic or something, so far the interviews seem to be mostly in English so it should be okay?)

EDIT: WOW, Youtube has it in /real/ HD. Like 720p and 1080p. My computer isn't good enough for the 1080p, so I'm watching it in 720p.

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I have finished watching this series. It is not bad, but it is not very good either. I think the way the artist/host explores / reports the life in the war zones seems amateur and shallow. In fact the whole series seems shallow.

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Haha, yea, I sorta understand your feelings. I barely watched the whole thing, only the first couple of eps. It does seem shallow the way he just wants to "get people to drive him to Syria" and obv nobody wants to do it, or "visit their house"; the first couple of eps didn't really have anything all so interesting except like the interview with the HK lady who lived there; otherwise it was just like 偷拍 and trying to do stupid things. I thought the 偷拍 is borderline unethical sometimes, especially when it's of his friend and not the soldiers etc, but hey, I'm not the one who needs to complain about that.

Oh, though I thought it was interesting that the Lebanon people felt "safe" when soldiers etc were around. I've been to a country sorta in a civil war, and when I saw soldiers and guns and stuff just standing there it totally freaked me out, but I guess it could be different for the local people if it's actually the soldiers that are in a way keeping the peace.

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