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Mandarin documentary about Nature/Animals (National Geographic-like)


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Hello everyone.

I want to focus on listening skills for now and I want something real and useful as the source of my learning.

I know some of you have recommended good TV dramas, historical documentaries, movies, etc Some of you have even taken the time to upload subtitles or transcripts, which I think is wonderful.

Unfortunately, I am not quite fond of TV Soap Operas (even though I am Mexican! lol) or historical documentaries and I was hoping some of you would be kind enough to help me find National Geographic-like nature documentaries online. Documentaries about insects, fungi, eagles, dolphins, pandas, lions, plants, microbes, etc.

The best-case scenario would be to find one narrated by a Beijinger with transcript and/or english/spanish/french/italian/portuguese subtitles. I seriously doubt I'll ever find one with all of these characteristics so any kind of Nature Related Documentary would be fine in any mandarin accent, even without any subtitles. Even a mandarin dubbed American documentary would be marvelous. I am not looking exclusively for a Chinese-produced one.

I really hope someone has a saved link with access to something that more or less fits what I am looking for.

Thanks so much in advance,

Saludos !

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They might not be National Geographic documentaries, but, there's a whole mess of BBC documentaries.


http://jishi.cntv.cn/C22754/videopage/index.shtml They've got Wild China which was a big deal a few years ago.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/C37171/videopage/index.shtml A series on Wild South America. I think the China was their last in the "wild" series. They went from continent to continent.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/explore/senlinzhige/videopage/ A nature series on China's forests that is a Chinese production.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/vod/ziran/index.shtml Here's an index of available nature series.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/jingdianchuanqi/index.shtml The fantastic, fact and fiction. Kind of like believe it or not.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/waixingrenzaizhongguo/videopage/index.shtml Space aliens in China.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/jingpinjilupian/jlhj/cbzg/index.shtml#page=1 Their food documentaries.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/zgmstm/videopage/index.shtml Chinese food secrets, techniques, etc.

http://jishi.cntv.cn/jingpinjilupian/jlhj/cbzg/bnfd/index.shtml#video A series on 5 Chinese hotels with rather storied histories. Shanghai's French concession, the Sassoon family, etc.


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Wow... thank you guys!

I've bookmarked all of your links. I've seen a bit of them and they are exactly what I was looking for !

I actually love food, so the one skylee posted has been saved as well ;)

It's wonderful when the input comes from something worth seeing/listening (it's kind of a torture otherwise), so I'm really high-spirited right now.

Now I have so much homework to do :P

Thanks again for the links, and for proving our species can hold amazing human beings that realize we should all help and cooperate with each other, specially if it is about education and learning.

Saludos !

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