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First Episode 98: 成人记


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This one is quite recent, and follows the adventures of 5 male university students who live together on campus. It's rarely serious, sometimes funny, and often silly.

Difficulty-wise I found it similar to 媳妇的美好时代 and 落地清开手机, and easier than the likes of 爱情公寓 and 蜗居 if that helps at all. There aren't really any parts that are difficult to follow, but that's not the only reason why I think 成人记 should be of particular interest to those that are just getting into watching Chinese TV: It only has 10 episodes and each one is only 12-15 minutes long! (At first I thought that an episode must've been split into several parts but that isn't the case - they really are just very short episodes.)

So far I've watched 7 of the 10 episodes and I recommend it for a fun - if brief - distraction!

More info than you really need to know can be found here: http://baike.baidu.c...iew/8650903.htm

And here's a link to the first episode on Youku: http://v.youku.com/v...gxMTgwODAw.html


Why "Banana Boy"? They do seem to eat a lot of bananas though...

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Seems like occasionally a couple of traditional hanzi get slipped amongst the simplified ones.

Anyway, here's some selected random vocab from the first episode:

精力充沛 full of energy

气血正盛 youthful and passionate (about life)

全世界五百强企业 Fortune 500 company

冠冕堂皇 lofty / ambitious

掩饰不了 unable to hide/cover-up

滥情 和 风流 changes feelings (about others) quickly/easily (as described in the TV show itself, I think it's basically saying he's had/got lots of girlfriends)

精华液 serum (beauty product)

五大三粗 strong/powerful/fit/muscular

南腔北调 to have a strange accent/to talk funny (?)

远远的暗恋暗恋 to quietly admire from a distance

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I started watching the series last week.

it's silly, and the short episodes make it easy to watch.

*edit* removed a paragraph that made no sense, sorry

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