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private schools in Shanghai

James Garrison

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Former student of Donghua in Shanghai here! I am keen to avoid sitting in class being lectured to again, so I'd like to avoid a uni program. I see that many schools in Shanghai are very expensive, catering to the businessmen, students whose parents are bankrolling them, trustafarians, etc. Unfortunately, I fall into none of those categories.

I'd like to find a place that will give me a lot of speaking and targeted reading and listening. I DON"T want to listen to the Boya book CD's in class, then doing the in book exercises. I can do this at home. y chief concern is money. I realize that what I am seeking may not be possible in Shanghai, but I have to ask. Hadn't seen this topic posted in a year or so, and I know that things change fast. Even a school that is mostly Asian or in an out of the way part of Shanghai will do.

Bincai in Harbin is the standard I seek.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Don't know if you're still looking, but I've had a pretty good experience with That's Mandarin -- most of my classes have been with a heavy emphasis on conversation/speaking and self-expression (some reading too), without the book work you find in university classes (I took two semeters at Beida beforehand).


You're right, though, its weird there arent more posts about this topic.

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