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Best Android flash card program with PC cohort


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I am looking for an android flash card program (want to dump most of my index cards) that also comes with a pc program so that I can use my desktop to set up the cards. I want the cards to be able to have sound, pictures (still and video) and a fairly sophisticated way to manage the cards as I learn them. I have googled for this but cannot find a way to get the pc component into the search. One more thing - I want to be able to categorize the words in different ways. For example a word may be put into a category called meals but also may be put into a category called nouns and also a category called imported words.

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I have been looking at that. Will it allow me to organize words in different ways? besides entering them into the database more than once? Also can I import words from other sources? Sorry for the nit picky questions, but I forsee myself putting lots of hours into setting this up and using it - I would like to make a good decision up front.

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Is there some program that has more than 3 review buttons, again, good and easy? I require more options than this to learn the hanzi :( Sorry for the nit picky questions, but their users forum is in a google users group and I cannot access that :(

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I realize this is a really old thread, but in case anyone else stumbles on it, I thought I'd add my two cents here.  I keep an Excel file with words I'm trying to learn on my PC.  The flashcard app I use is Flashcards Deluxe (available for Android or iPhone; their website is https://orangeorapple.com/Flashcards/Default.aspx).  Importing from an Excel file or text file to the flashcard app is very simple, and it has a lot of features (multi-sided cards, spaced repetition algorithms, supports pictures and sounds) that make it quite suitable for learning Chinese. 


Every now and then I think I should get familiar with Anki, since everyone seems to use it, but it seems like it has a much steeper learning curve.  In contrast, Flashcards Deluxe seems much more intuitive (to me, anyway) and easy to get up and running.

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