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Happy Times, Zhang Yimou


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There's a post in the Favourite Movie topic asking about this film, but I thought I'd start a new topic to make it easier to find.

I saw this film a few months ago and liked it. It's a little disjointed, as there seem to be too stories, one about crosstalk King Zhao Benshan trying to earn money so he can get married, and another about him trying to look after the blind teenage girl he somehow acquires from a woman he doesn't get married to.

It's quite accessible and I could follow the Chinese ok, plus you get a few good laughs from Zhao and colleagues.


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I only think he's not such great .

and a little bit lao tu.

also his face is ugly although he got many beautiful lady.

maybe one movie from him is good,its name is Red broomcorn(Hong gao liang in chinese). the story and the actors or actress all are excellent.

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yo! seahorse: hong gaoliang is red sorghum in english :P - great film.

having read the short story by mo yan (one of a couple of authors who should have won the nobel prize rather than gao xingjian) on which the film happy times is based i have to say i was disappointed. the original short story was great (and considering that it comes from the pen of mo yan, perhaps too political to make it onto the big screen).

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