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A Message I Got From a Friend


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Hi Dannyk,

welcome to the forum. As a newcomer here, you probably don't know or care, but there are lots of topics on here about the difficulties of Chinese comprehension.

I can recognize every character in your post, but I still don't understand what it means. I am using my work laptop, so I typed out the text as I wanted to practise using Windows to write characters. You can past the text below into an online translation engine. I did and I still don't understand it. :wall

在移动建筑的界面,右击按住打勾的绿色键,左手移动到任何地点,同时松开左右手,就卡上了,用这种方法, 可以在同一地区卡上几十个建筑。

I am sure someone with better skill than I will soon be along to help you out.

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Here is my attempt at a translation:

On the mobile building interface, right click the green check-mark button, move your left hand to any spot, simultaneously release your left and right hands, and then you've placed (?) it. With this method you can stick many (tens of) buildings in the same area.

Not sure about this usage of 卡. Maybe it's like "wedge it in there"?

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