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Translating some taiji terms into English


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There are a few taiji terms that I want to translate into English however I'm afraid my English is not good enough. I know it's a bit difficult but here is my translation, I'd appreciate it if you could correct my mistakes.

头虚领顶劲 Head should be straight and relaxed.

,下巴微扣 Chin should be slightly bent inwards.

,唇齿相合 Close your mouth and your teeth.

,舌顶上颚 The tip of your tongue should be touching the palette.

,目视前方 Eyes should be looking forward.

,松肩沉肘Relax the shoulders and sink the elbows.

,含胸塌腰 Relax the chest inwards and sink the waist.

,裆要 The crotch should be round.

,两脚十指抓地 Your toes should be grabbing the ground.

,气沉丹田 Let the breath sink into the dantian.

,腹式呼吸。Use abdominal breathing.

两手微微抬起,画弧线,Slightly raise your hands and move your hands in an arc.

以腰为轴,以身领手,Use your waist as axis and lead your hands using the movement of your whole body.

节节贯通,周身相随 All the joints should be connected and the whole body should be aligned and coordinated.

右手画上弧线,左手走下弧线。Right hand moves in an upward arc. Left hand moves in a downward arc.

右脚向斜前方上步,脚后跟先着地,Right foot should step forward diagonally, Your heel should touch the ground first.

左脚向斜后方下步,脚尖先着地,Left foot should step backwards diagonally. The tip of your toes should touch the ground first.

左手向后向上走弧线,两脚并立, Left hand should move backwards in an upward arc. The feet should sand side by side.

右手叉腰,肩肘手节节贯通。Put the right hand on your waist. All the joints of the shoulder, elbow and hand should be aligned.

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