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Best English Grammar Book for Chinese People (In Chinese)


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I'm wondering if someone can help me. I'm not in China right now but I have a few Chinese students now in Singapore. I speak a bit of Chinese. Anyway, I'm looking for a good book on English grammar that is written in Chinese and for Chinese speakers. I'm an ESL teacher and I know all the English Grammar boooks in English (Cambridge, Azar, etc.). However, my student is at such a low level that I want to recommend a book for him to get - a Chinese book on English grammar as he could learn much more on the basics through such a book as I can't speak Chinese very well.

Is there any definitive or good English Grammar book in Chinese - it's totally in Chinese or at least has both English and Chinese explanations.

Also, can I get it anywhere online? Thanks.

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Try "A New English Grammar Coursebook" (新编英语语法教程), published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. It is interesting because it's actually 2 books, one in Chinese with tons of English examples and one in English with no Chinese. At my college in Sichuan it's the recommended English grammar for (Chinese) English majors.  ISBN 978-7-81080-621-3 (Chinese book), 978-7-81080-661-9 (English book) .

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Thanks for the info mudhead. Are both books exactly the same except for the languages - as in, is the chinese instructions in the Chinese book just a translation of the English in the English book?


I tried to buy the popular grammar series by Cambridge - Grammar In Use - in Chinese. A friend bought it for me. However, the book that he bought only had the introduction in Chinese but everything else is like the English Version. I've seen other languages whereby the instructions and explanations are in the other language. This would help the non-English speaker better. I'm wondering if there's a Chinese version of Grammar In Use that is like that. That is, I don't just want the introduction to be in Chinese, but also parts of the explanations to be in Chinese.


Do you know if there's a version of Grammar In Use like that?


Also, I'd like to communicate with you through email. Do you have a website or email?



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Thanks mudhead!

It looks like there are 5th editions now. There seem to be a student version and a teacher version. Are these equivalent to the English and Chinese versions you mentioned?



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