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What do you all call the wet market in Chinese? 巴杀 or ..


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Is it 巴杀 or is it something else?

I was speaking to someone today and she said that 巴杀 is the right term. However, if I'm not wrong, 巴杀 is taken from the Malay term "pasar malam", so I insisted that was a localised term.

So, who's right? And if 巴杀 is not the correct term, then what would it be? ;)

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Well, I'm still learning Chinese(actually trying to brush it up for the first time in so many years), hence, I'm kind of confused. -__-;; The only phrase I learnt in school was 巴杀 but I've heard that it was a localised term.

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高中英文(三)測驗B卷,第13回第3大題第1小題: 「1.Things are sold at higher prices in the supermarket than in the wet market.」 請問wet market 其代表意義為何?

wet market 就是傳統市場的意思,有別於像頂好、松青等超市。老師們可以利用網路搜尋引擎,如 Google image(http://images.google.com/)輸入 wet market,就可以找到很多有關 wet market 的網頁照片資訊,看圖就知道意思了,或者直接點選如下網址也可以:http://images.google.com.tw/images?q=wet+market&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=zh-TW&btnG=Google+%E6%90%9C%E5%B0%8B

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