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Fb ZDT v1.0.0 - no database for current user when installed as admin

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Some feedback on ZDT v1.0.0.

When ZDT is installed with an Admin account (other than the user who uses ZDT), for no database might be present for the current user. This has been observed on Windows 7, 64-bit. See below for explanation and workaround.

When current user is not part of Admin group, the user is asked for the password of an administrator at installation of ZDT. ZDT is then installed with that admin's credentials. At the end of the installation, the installer ask whether to Launch ZDT upon exit. So far so good.

After ZDT is closed for the first time, and launched for the second time (this time using for example the Start Menu icon), the current user's credentials are used. ZDT displays a message that the database is missing: "Preferences: Unable to find a valid user database file at the above location." See screenshot:


Users who experience this, could probably worke around this issue by:

** temporary granting Admin rights to the user to install zdt

** have the Admin copying users\\zdt to users\\zdt (where admin is the name of the user who installed ZDT and user is the name of the user who wants to use ZDT.

If anybody is experiencing this problem, pls. let me know.

PS: for the technicians: a bug tracker has been created here: https://sourceforge....41&atid=726928#

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Thank you for your feedback! You're absolutely right, if one install ZDT as an admin, the user db will be owned by the admin. Once ZDT reloaded by another user, the file user.script is missing because it's located in the user folder of the admin. So, copying the user.script file of the admin to the user folder of the current user is the best workaround right now.

I'll try to modify the windows installer, so that the user db (user.script) will be copied to the folder of the current user and not to the admin folder. This would imply that ZDT must be started always by the user who installed ZDT. I don't know yet how I can tell this the install script when it ask the user to start ZDT right after the installation because Windows enforces the installer to be run by admin.

PS: I don't know when you have downloaded zdt v1.0.0 but in case that the "standalone-r-issue" is not working, please download v1.0.0 again because I've updated ZDT some hours later after its inital upload. When I've uploaded v1.0.0 for the 2nd time there were only 4 downloads, so I did not increment the version number.

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At this moment copying the old database (whole \zdt directory from v0.9.0) to \zdt does not seem to solve the problem - flashcard review doesn't seem to work. I'll make a post for that.

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In case anybody with the same problem is wondering: the fix worked and still works for me. Closed.

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