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A friend posted the following.


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A great friend of mine posted this on her Facebook status page:




但 是 又 很 怕 你 嫌 我 煩

Could anyone be kind enough to give me an accurate as possible translation? <3

I think she's still grasping the language, as she's been raised here all her life, so I'm not sure whether or not there's some grammar mistakes in there.

I took that to Google translate, but according to a lot of folks, it's not reliable, so I came here for help :) Also joined this community permanently, as it seems like a great place to get some insight into the language and culture.

Thanks a bunch!

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I really want to talk with you

But I'm also worried you'll think I'm bothering you

For fun, I checked with Google translate, which does a reasonable job except for the last line, which it botches completely.

In fact


Really want to talk to you

But is very afraid of you I'm sick too

so I'm not sure whether or not there's some grammar mistakes in there.

Not really.

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Thanks a bunch, imron! Quite happy to see how fast someone responded, too :)

So, yes, I guess Google translate function can't be fully trusted.

Oh well, no biggie. Anyways, I'm gonna keep exploring the community. Really interesting stuff you guys have here :D



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