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Studying in China 2013- too late for a scholarship?


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Hey all,

I've recently made the decision to learning Chinese for learning months from September 2013. I'm currently a teacher in Guangxi, and have managed to study a fair bit over the last seven months. Still however, I'm still very limited in my vocabulary, and as someone who wants to use Mandarin within journalism, I need to get up to speed.

I know I'm too late for the big CSC scheme, but my question is this. Is there any way I can get a scholarship for one semester? My friend directed me to a website- CUCAS- and it seems Hubei Normal University is still offering a scholarship?

Otherwise, what is the best option for me to cram as much into 5 months as possible? I'm not worried about where I go...as long as there is a heater somewhere in the property! I am not completely skint, but am also not loaded...



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Applications for both CIS and CSC are closed. So your best chance is to find out if there are universities or language institutions willing to exchange this for that: you spend a few hours a week teaching English and in exchange, you get to attend Chinese classes.

As far as I know, there aren't many universities willing to offer scholarships to prospective students. They only offer semester scholarships to current students who excel.

When I was in Shanghai, there were a good number of Chinese who offered full boarding on studio apartments in exchange for a few hours of English lessons on the weekends. You might want to try these if you're seeking a bit of an 'adventure'.

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