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Resident Permit to Student Visa


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Hi all,

I've looked around for a lot of information on this but can't seem to find anything. I've just finished a year teaching contract on a residence permit, and will be going to a university from September to study Chinese. My current visa runs out on 31 August 2013.

The university have given me two choices- change to a tourist visa, or get a transfer letter from my current employer. I asked about this, and they literally have no clue what I am talking about. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Also, if I did get a tourist visa in Hong Kong, I've heard the 'wam bam thank you mam' half day turnaround is now circa 5 days?

Any advice would be appreciated...

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Usually it's something along the lines of "We, the former employer / school of Johnny Foreigner, confirm that Johnny has completed his period of employment / study. He has no further obligations at this company / school." to let wherever you're going (and more importantly the PSB) know that you haven't skipped out on a contract or run off with some library books.

Ask the university if they can provide you a sample, or just specify what it should say.

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Also, if I did get a tourist visa in Hong Kong, I've heard the 'wam bam thank you mam' half day turnaround is now circa 5 days?

Check the visa thread on Thorn Tree. I think turnaround can still be one day. Faster you want it; the more you have to pay.

Also, you might want to ask these folks. Their website doesn't look like much, but they are dependable and know their stuff. Phone them.


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hey roddy, spols on the late reply. In the end I had to go to HK and get a tourist visa. The university I'm studying at (KUST) said a release letter from my employer wasn't enough, so I had to cough up the money and change it to an L visa. It was a difficult and worrying experience to say the least, based on the fact they couldn't guarantee a.) if I could get a visa without returning to my home country. b.) whether it would be 15 or 30 days. Anyway, now I'm in Kunming I'm facing the second visa nightmare. It all seems to be ok now, but I have had to wait a long time for the visa, in this time having a police interview, obtain photos with foreigner certificate, and pay another 400 y. As I've decided to stay two terms, I'm looking forward to repeating the process again in March next year...

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