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Advanced Daily Reading Recommendations


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I thought I would start a thread where members could introduce some of their favorite Chinese sites so that we could collect advanced reading material sources for news, literature, and other topics that members may find interesting to include as part of their daily reading material. Then, if there is an article someone really liked and happened to take notes on & look up vocab while reading, perhaps they can contribute to the Newspaper Article of the Day thread to keep it alive for others.

The first site I would like to introduce is: InTouch Today QQ's 今日话题:http://view.news.qq....nti/zt_more.htm

I like the format b/c it discusses recent topics (social phenomenon, cases, public outcries), contains some interesting terminology related to current events, and provides additional links in the body of the article if you want to visit other articles which the daily topic references. Also at the rate of 1 article per day, it is fairly easy to keep up with reading this one article if you need to meet your minimum reading target for the day. :mrgreen: ( Of course, you can also catch up on it's total of 2500 reports posted as of today.) (edit: I forgot to add the comments at the bottom of the articles can be fairly interesting as well.)

Lastly, there is a +收听 button which I have never logged in to use, but perhaps this also useful once logged in~

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Here is an amazingly helpful site that was recommended to me by a good friend. It is a site full of chinese articles on all sorts of topics, from politics to art. If your reading skills are up to par, it should be a fantastic tool to learn lots of new words and sentence structures. If you are still a beginner, I'd say you probably need to work at your reading for another year or so before you can tackle this site. Me personally, I'm still not able to read most of the stuff on this site, but I am well on my way and cant wait to see what contemporary chinese writers are like. Its still fun to go an test my comprehension every few months too.


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