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How to say"Specifically"


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Hey everybody!

Stuck once again - how do you say "more specifically"?

And that's a tricky one, probably for Londoners: Does anyone know how to say "Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art" in Chinese? And if you're feeling generous, please also let me know how to say "Victoria and Albert Museum".

Thank you!


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l. more specifically 更明确?

Please kindly give the whole sentence for more sound and exact translation of that phrase.

2 Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art"

I searched by Google. Didn’t found the related translation. Why not create one?


I suppose P. D is the author who wrote Foundation of Chinese Art just according the name.

3"Victoria and Albert Museum".=维多利亚与艾伯特博物馆

Tip: Put the whole or key English words with key Chinese characters into search box of google to find the answer..

Eg. I put ictoria and Albert Museum +博物馆 into google and found the translation

Hope this helps


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more specifically ~ 更具體地

Victoria and Albert Museum ~ 維多利亞阿爾伯特博物院 (see this page -> http://www.vam.ac.uk/activ_events/community/chinese_prog/ )

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art (see this)

~ 戴維德中國藝術基金會 or

~ 大維德中國藝術館 or

~ 帕西瓦爾·大衛中國美術基金會

(Perhaps you could email or call the foundation to check its official Chinese name. Contact nos/address )

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