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Maths question for you all . . .


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Should be: 公司B此次采购金额应该公司A一倍以上。

More examples from Baidu:






Though there are exceptionals, So great to see that the majority native speakers know how to use '倍'.:)

EDIT: Right, nearly forgot, if the someone wants to use '一倍以上。' , IMHO, the sentence should be rewritten as:

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一倍 and 两倍 can often be used interchangeably because in most cases, it is illogical to say somethign is 1x the amount of another, one would say "same amount" instead.

The following sentences basically mean the same thing.




I do agree with chenpv, however, that the correct usage for 2x should be 多/增加/提高/increase 一倍, but may I and can I...

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I agree with Quest that for most Chinese, those two expressions are somewhat interchangeable, because it is commonly understood that '倍' itself contains the meaning of accumulation or addition. In oral Chinese, there couldnt be any perplexity in whatever way someone is expressing himself. But when it comes to official document, contract etc, the more standard usage is favorable, in case foxy guys play words game on it.:)

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