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How do Chinese people watch TV/Movies on phones/tablets?


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It seems like everyone 4 year old and their grandma watches TV / Movies on the subway/buses.

There is no wifi and I'm pretty sure all these people aren't using 3G for this.

I also can't imagine some of the people I see using phone/tablets to watch TV going and finding torrents online.

Is there a Chinese app that lets users download and watch offline?


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I was wondering this also as phone companies don't seem to do unlimited data on mobiles (at least not from what my broken Chinese can deduce). I guess they must download it advance and put it on their phones.

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The Youku iPad app has a download function built in, although I'm yet to try it as I need to get around to signing up to Youku first.

I will look into the other ones!

I had a look into torrents soley on an iPad ... and nothing came up. Torrenting to a laptop then putting it on my iPad isn't an easy option for me.

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This is what my wife and I use to watch TV shows now: 爱奇艺

It seems to have just about everything.

It lets you download 5 episodes per day without a log-in. I ended up getting a log-in to avoid that limit, and my wife did a long time ago with her QQ log-in.


We just finished watching 咱们结婚吧  and right now I'm watching 一代枭雄 with 孙红雷.  I have another 孙红雷 serial up next.  She's currently watching a 黄渤 serial.

Easy to use, very little delay even when watching live (not downloaded).


There will be a 30-second commercial when you start a movie or serial, but that is pretty easy to endure.

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Thanks for the suggestion!


Since I posted this thread, I started using the Youku app ... then abandoned it because most of the time it just stalled on loading. However, I recently downloaded it again and it works fine.


You can download direct to the app to watch offline. I also use another one of the popular TV websites app to download stuff and watch offline. I don't know the name of it though.

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