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someone help me find a real gym in wuhan?


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Hey guys, im an exchange student in china at the moment and im having a huge problem trying to fing a real gym in wuhan, hubei. by a real gym i dont mean a fitness gym like bally etc. i mean a powerlifting gym where people are more advanced and into fitness. ive tried googling this before but since i cant speak chinese let alone write it, i cant really find anything. so, someone please help me.

Im from miami,btw

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"Powerlifting gym where people are more advanced and into fitness"

powerlifting and "fitness" aren't necessarily the same thing. My gym doesn't have a squat rack or barbells but there are plenty of very fit people who go there. Some are obviously "more advanced" and "into fitness". Meanwhile, there are plenty of people who do a bit of this, a bit of that, mooch around.

I take it you mean you want barbells and a place to squat/dead lift?

There are three gyms in my immediate area and none are powerlifting type places. One is a L.A fitness type of gym but they do have a place to squat and also a smith machine. Out of the other two, has a smith machine, barbells, bench press. The other has nothing like this.

I would just look at all the gyms you can find generally and, with luck, one will have some of the equipment you are looking for.

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There is a proper western style gym full of modern equipment, has all the usual classes and and abundance of helpful and well toned employees in tight red lycra. It's somewhere near the big pedestrianised shopping street in Hankou. So at least you know it's there... just have to keep looking.

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Where are you in Wuhan? If you are anywhere near 徐东 in 武昌, there is a gym on the top floor of the 华天大酒店, which is not part of the hotel. I visited it once and it looked pretty nice, and my coworker used to work out there (before getting lazy! :lol: )

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