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與其...不如... or different structure?


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I am supposed to translate the below sentence into Chinese.

“Are you telling me that you only care about the price and not the quality?"

So far I have "你只买最便宜的衣服,难道你在乎。。。"

I am struggling to translate the "the price and not the quality?" part of the sentence.

Through some basic Google searching I found the 與其...不如... structure. However it seems a bit of a distant translation.

I could write "你只买最便宜的衣服,难道你在乎與其质量不如价钱?” Something tells me however this is not grammatically correct with "在乎“ included.

Does this make sense: "你只买最便宜的衣服,难道你只在乎价钱还是质量?”

Thanks for your help!

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Consider  "你只买最便宜的衣服,难道你只在乎,而不在乎它的质料?” 


Also, quality does not include 量 quantity.


PS -  與其...不如... means something like instead of doing A, would rather do B.

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而 here means "but".Take a look at the following links for reference.


http://humanum.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/cgi-bin/agrep-lindict?query=%a6%d3&category=wholerecord (see coupled with negative 不, meaning “and yet,” “but”)




As to 質量, people in mainland China might use it to mean quality. Elsewhere it sounds weird as the word covers quality and quantity. I never use 質量 to mean quality. Compare the two links below -





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