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Chinese Brands You'd Never Buy (and some you would)


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I was standing on the bus today staring at an add for those smoke hoods for the kitchen. It's a fairly famous brand (at least here) called 方太 and it's English name is Fotile.

Now I think it's quite obvious why I'd never buy it, it'd be an utterly futile thing to do.

On the other hand, I have alway thought Haier sounded like a German brand (which I'm sure it is probably only me who thinks so) so it is on my list of go-for brands.

(In case you haven't figured it out, my post is mainly humorous…)

I would love to see a list of brands people like/don't like for either funny or serious reasons!

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When shopping with the missus I've noticed a girl's clothing brand called "scat"...


Since their logo is a cat I'm going to assume it's actually called S-cat, but when it's emblazened across T-shirts etc, it's always just.... scat. Nice.

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前锋 is a maker of water heaters and ventilation systems for stoves. Quite popular here in Sichuan. The Chinese name is great, but the English, Chiffo, for some reason makes me always want to start scratching and find some anti-itch cream.

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