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Learn Chinese in China


Ideas wanted: How would you improve this study process for new vocab&syntax acquisition?

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Flickserve,where do you source chinese .srt files from?

Google and then looking around various sites seeing if a Chinese version is available. Unfortunately, my Chinese is not yet good enough to search in Chinese websites.

*Edit* I just tried it again.

I think it was this site.


Yup. I have Brave (also bought the DVD in China LOL). I did a download of the Chinese srt. And just quickly examined it. It matches almost practically perfectly to the audio. There might be an adjustment of half a second or so. But I would need to check by trial a trial run through subs2srs. There are some slight differences e.g the audio says 不是我的错 with the equivalent subtitle writing 不能怪我

I have another Chinese movie that I ripped from. 重返20岁. I just tried "重返20岁 subtitles" in google and found http://subhd.com/a/315908

My Chinese must have improved because I was able to download the .rar and unzip it. Opened up the .srt file and it's definitely >95% match and the timings are very accurate.

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If there is a problem opening the .srt file in notepad. try these instructions 1-7



Chinese subtitle dont display properly on vlc, or funny fonts come out and no matter what settings you do on vlc it wont work.

TRUTH is that my computer/WINDOWS 7 is configured to display/input simplify or traditional Chinese.
So i can actually type Chinese in a blank NOTEPAD that I created and be able to view them correctly. YES. TRUE.
but then the .srt files downloaded from shooter.cn wont display correctly on my NOTEPAD, and always funny fonts to most cases.

0. make sure u backup the .srt file.
1. right click on the Chinese .srt fie > Open with > Microsoft Words
2. choose an encoding that will display the Chinese in the preview window, and OK.
3. right click again on the Chinese .srt file > open with > NOTEPAD
(now u should have a WORDS windows displaying the subtitle in chinese that is viewable, and another NOTEPAD window displaying the subtitle in all un-readable funny fonts)
4. Select All (CTRL+a) & then Copy All (CTRL+c) the content in WORDS.
5. Go/click the NOTEPAD window, and do Select All CTRL+a, then do Paste All CTRL+v.
(you should now be able to view the subtitle in correct fonts/chinese that is view-able)
6. Go to opened WORD window and CLOSE program without making any save.
7. Go to the opened NOTEPAD window, and go to SAVE AS, and choose [uTF-8] in the encoding drop-down selection, (this should be next to the 'SAVE' button on the bottom). SAVE and CLOSE.

-change the Default Encoding to [universal (UTF-8)]
-change the Font to one that is meant for chinese, eg for traditional Chinese i use [simHei"]
9. still in the TOOLS > PREFERENCES window, click on the left bottom corner, the ALL selection.
the menu on the left changes to more options.
-Double click "Video" > click 'Subtitle/OSD'.
-on the right side, change the "Text rendering module" to [FREETYPE2 FONT RENDERER]
10. click SAVE and CLOSE VLC for it to effect.

NOW re-open VLC and the chinese subtitle should work.


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Blu Ray version of "Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love (Finding Mr. Right 2)" - chinese .srt match up. Found some English subtitles with almost exactly the same times. (over 2000 sentences in the film)

(First two minutes of Tang Wei getting thrown out is in Cantonese).

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Could anyone be so kind as to share an anki deck they created out of these?

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