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A question regarding scholarships

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Hey everyone. First I want to say that I'm sooooo happy that by some miracle I found this amazing forum. Also I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section. Now straight to the point.
Are there any scholarships for foreigners beside the CSC and beijing municipal government scholarship(which I just found out, so not sure if it's a feasible scholarship for me, need to find more info on it).
Sadly I don't qualify for the CSC because I'm 26 and as far as I understood the age limit for bachelor degree is 25.
I'm trying to find any type of scholarship I can go for that might help me with the expenses in some way and I'm able to qualify for as well.

Also I'm sure most of you know about CUCAS, but I stumbled upon today on another site with the name of SICAS and I was wondering if anyone know if it's a legit site or not. I saw that they have scholarships there as well and the age limit for bachelor degree is 28, so I might be able to get one from there, however the site while it looks ok it seem a bit dodgy to me. 

I'm really hoping that I can find some type of scholarship which will allow me to go and study in china in faster manner. If not I guess I'll have to finish my current bachelor that I'm doing and try for master's at least the age limit there is 35, so I have a shot on that one, however that will take time I'd rather not waste.

Anyway looking forward to your replays. Any type of information is welcomed.

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Which specific scholarship are you looking at? I can see, for example, this one


But I note that "the first year is not included" and "whether or not you're able to achieve the scholarship will be determined by the relevant department of SICAS and University of Jinan on the basis of your academic merits as well as your recommendation letters"


So when are you told you've got the scholarship? Before you leave, or at the end of the first year? Why do you need to pay for the first year's tuition? Why not spread the scholarship more evenly across the years of the course? 


SICAS we haven't heard of before. The domain is registered to an 'educational consultancy' in Qingdao. There are plenty of these operations around, basically acting as middle-men for Chinese universities. 

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Yeah I don't think that I'll take my chances with sicas. I'll continue to look for other scholarships that don't have that 25 years age limit, hopefully something will pop up ;)

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