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Is the site faster / broken?


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1) If anyone has any trouble using the site in the next few hours / days, let me know - I'm making some back-end changes which should speed things up, but equally might break things. Post here, or email admin@chinese-forums.com if you can't. 


If there are any problems I'll very quickly be reverting to the old set-up. 


2) Actually that's all. 



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Ok, I was getting some oddities when editing posts, so I've scaled things back a bit. I'd be interested to know of a) any problems you notice and b) any perceived different in page loading time. In a couple of days I should have some actual numbers on the loading times. 


For those of you who are interested, I got hold of an invite to Google's Pagespeed service, which both functions as a content delivery network and does a lot of rewriting on the fly to speed things up. 

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Via my macbook pro at the moment. I'm "supposed" to be getting work done, but rather, I am enjoying the most comfortable forum I have ever been to. I'm in MY connected through my IPSec with host in LA and the forums really do feel fast!

I just kind of assumed such changes wouldn't affect the mobile app but I can check it out if you think there should be a difference!

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Ok, i had to revert the changes as there were problems posting new topics (ie, you couldn't do it). I'm not sure if the problem is completely fixed yet - I can post new topics from other browsers, but not from my usual one. I suspect something is cached somewhere, but don't know what. 


So if you can't post new topics, sorry, and that's why. On the more positive side, you can still post replies. 


I'll be looking at this again later, but need to go have dinner now. 

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I had trouble uploading a small photo this afternoon. Oddly I couldn't upload it in my initial response in a topic (Asking people to wait), so I posted without photo, then edited my response and attached the file. Each time I clicked on "save changes", I was redirected to the chinese-forums main page. The photo showed up in the end, but quite a while later.
Using Firefox.

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