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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to what these two scrolls say? I'm curious as to what the different parts of writing mean, or whether it all works together for one overall meaning?

Thanks in advance for any help :)



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The first one says 爱神 (ai4 shen2) which means "love god" and the second is 福爱 (fu2 ai4) which is not a combination I see very often. The first character, fu2 means good fortune, blessing or happiness and the second is ai4 which means love.


I almost feel that they are kind of christianeze and not "normal" Chinese calligraphy. Especially the second, which I think in context of the first, is referring to kind of an idea of Christian "blessing" and love.


Someone with a bit more knowledge may be able to fill in the blanks a bit better though.

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You asked about the different parts of the scroll. The smaller writing on the left hand side, is information about the date/place of writing. The medium font at the bottom of the scrolls are kind of "personal" messages from the artist to the receiver. The first seems to say, "Tony, Happiness" and the second seems to be another name (an li ke si) "____ (name), a life of happiness". The largest letters are the main component of the calligraphy and are what both myself and lingo-ling originally translated for you.

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