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Adding pinyin to a file in Windows 8


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I have the following problem which I haven't been able to solve for a long time.


I have a long doc. file with Simplified Chinese Characters to whom I would like to add pinyin. So far I have tried DimSum which is appearently not working in Windows 8. I use Open Office which does have a pinyin feature but it can only add pinyin to like two sentences in one go, so doing this for the whole file would take ages.

All the annotation tools like Mandarinspot work for web pages only, so converting the file to a html file also did not work.

Does anybody have a suggestion?

Thanks very much

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Pinyinput should be able to solve your problem.  It functions like a standard language input method (IME), allowing you to type pinyin, selecting the diacritic tone mark on the preceding syllable with the numbers 1 through 4.


It's been quite some time since I've used it, but it was an invaluable tool when I did.  I've also only used it on Windows 7, but imron's official thread on the IME does mention Windows 8 support (desktop and/or metro support not specified).


The official website, and installer downloads, are available here: http://pinyinput.sourceforge.net/

imron's official topic, for the IME, can also be found here: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/10274-pinyinput-type-pinyin-with-tone-marks/


Good luck!

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thank you for your reply.

I should have said that I do not want to add the pinyin manually, but automatically. This file is 120 pages long, it would take me forever to add the pinyin to every character (which in most cases would have to be looked up).

So basically, I just want a tool that automatically adds the prounounciation to characters in a file (doc or html), grouping or translating is not neccessary.

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Thank you imron,


the problem is that my file does not just contain some Chinese characters, it is a chinese english parallel text. So if I would just use a web application where I paste the Chinese text I would lose the sentence allignment between Chinese and English. What I am looking for is what google translate does, but I want ths to be done inside a doc. or html file

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