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Would you write the next sentence in this story?


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Okay there isn't a first sentence yet but is anyone interested in doing this? A Chinese round-robin style story where the first person writes (say) the first one and a half sentences, then the next person adds their bit, then the next person ... and go round a few times and see where it takes us?


I can't see it working unless people very loosely sign up first -- well, indicate they're up for it. Then we'd have a little list, to which anyone else who wanted to join could be easily added. This should avoid people posting on top of each other. And if someone's too busy to contribute their turn, it can pass to the next person after, say, 24 hours.


As well as writing your part in Chinese, perhaps add to a running translation too? In spoiler tags? 


Hopefully the native speakers and other immortals on the forums could now and again suggest how to tidy up or correct the Chinese if it seems necessary.


Would suit any abilility because 1) there'll already be a translation and 2) you could write the simplest sentence in the world and it would still be a key part of the narrative. 


I find writing in Chinese incredibly hard and would be more than happy to have any sentence of mine queried and improved as a side-discussion to the main story.


So, anyone up for it?

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It sounds like a fun idea. I think having people also post a translation is wise - sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what people are trying to say. Perhaps also provide the final sentence for people to gradually work towards?

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