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My stuff: English-English dicts for Pleco, hanzi/HSK tools, word charts/graphs...


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Thanks to a great idea from Roddy about listing tone combinations I added an Advanced Search tool. This allows you to search for words by pinyin or hanzi using wildcards/regular expressions. You can filter by specific HSK level, and can either view a simple word list (with popup and clickable info) or see complete definitions inline.


A few examples:

The possibilities are endless.. let me know if you find it useful, and feel free to suggest new features!




17th December: I added a "Download flashcards" feature to that page that serves up a text file of the results list you are viewing, just in case anyone is still reading this thread and feels like giving it a try...!


18th December: You can now choose how the list is sorted, and can search for subcomponents and compounds of a list of characters. Some of this might be a bit over the top, but it allowed me to tie the advanced search and the dictionary together quite nicely.


19th December: Added some inline help to my 汉字 analysis tool, it is now usable without having a Computer Science degree, try it here.


30th December: You can now see HSK and all words homophones (words same pinyin spelling), both ignoring and taking account of tones: http://hskhsk.pythonanywhere.com/homophones?chars=1&tones=yes&expand=no&hsk=yes

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