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QQSRX #1 Photoshopping


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Episode #1
Date    2013 年11月4日
Title    周恩来尼克斯握手照片中翻译被PS掉 - Translator photoshopped out of the photo of Zhou Enlai and Nixon shaking hands

Link to transcript http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2013_11/05/30967261_0.shtml
Link to full video http://v.ifeng.com/history/shishijianzheng/201311/0199207c-c115-47b9-b0b5-1e83cc2cf3ea.shtml


Host:    窦文涛
Guests: 许子东 and 竹幼婷


- a ridiculously photoshopped photo of some officials and an old lady made to look tiny
- girls photoshop themselves too much online
- it's pointless having nice legs because in magazines everyone's legs are photoshopped
- the photo of Zhou Enlai meeting Nixon off the plane was photoshopped, the translator cut
- Taiwan's leaders can't get away with photoshopping

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Some vocab, definitions from Wenlin:


长官 zhǎngguān n. 〈trad.〉 senior/commanding officer/official
官场 guānchǎng n. officialdom; official circles
形形色色 xíngxíngsèsè r.f. of every shade and description
挖坑 wākēng n. potholing
精髓 jīngsuǐ n. marrow; pith; quintessence; essence
跑题 pǎotí v.o. be off subject
募捐 mùjuān n./v. (solicit) contributions; (collect) donations
乃伊 mùnǎiyī n. 〈loan〉 mummy
小人国 xiǎorénguó p.w. ①a country of dwarfs ②Lilliput
PS/P = Photoshop...
无中生有 wúzhōngshēngyǒu f.e. purely fictitious; fabricated
照理 zhàolǐ adv. normally
奖励 jiǎnglì v./n. encourage and reward; award
粗糙 cūcāo s.v. coarse; rough; crude
冤枉 yuānwang attr. wasted; unproductive   ◆v. wrong; treat unjustly
视察 shìchá v. ①inspect
悬悬 xuánxuán r.f. 〈wr.〉 ①feel anxious ②be remote
未见得 wèijiàndé v.p. not necessarily; probably not
留名 liúmíng v.o. leave a good reputation
激怒 jīnù v. enrage; infuriate; exasperate
解读 jiědú v. decipher
美感 měigǎn n. aesthetic feeling/perception
弯腰 wānyāo v.o. stoop
卑躬屈膝 bēigōngqūxī f.e. bow and scrape
孙悟空 Sūn Wùkōng n. name of a monkey with supernatural powers in Journey to the West
女王???  is this a euphemism for prostitute?窦文涛: 公公跟女王有约见面什么开房
以身作则 yǐshēnzuòzé f.e. set an example
封面 fēngmiàn n. ①title page of a thread-bound book ②front and back cover of a book ③front cover
驴唇不对马嘴 lǘchún bù duì mǎzuǐ id. incongruous; irrelevant
绷得住???  窦文涛:所以你看,周恩来那个时候绷得住
亲美 qīn Měi attr. pro-U.S.
潜台词 qiántáicí n. 〈drama〉 unspoken words left to the understanding of the audience/reader
NG??? 而且不能NG。
前倾 qiánqīng v. ①lean/incline/bend forward
不符 bùfú v.p. be inconsistent (with)
矜持 jīnchí s.v. restrained; reserved
耿耿于怀 gěnggěngyúhuái f.e. take sth. to heart
失势 shīshì v.o. lose power/support
震撼力 zhènhànlì n. power to rouse
妇孺 fùrú n. women and children
生殖器 shēngzhíqì n. 〈phys.〉 reproductive organ
大闹天宫 dànào tiāngōng v.o. create a tremendous uproar (in the heavenly palace)
可以休矣 kěyǐxiūyǐ f.e. enough of it; time to stop
展柜 zhǎnguì n. cabinet
卢比 lúbǐ n. 〈loan〉 rupee
宿愿  (宿/夙/素愿)  sùyuàn n. long-cherished wish
承包商 chéngbāoshāng n. contractor
伪善 wěishàn s.v. hypocritical
包装 bāozhuāng v. ①pack ②dress up ◆n. package; packing; packaging
投奔 tóubèn v. seek refuge
SNG ???  你看台湾有七家新闻台,所以他是太多的摄影机,还有SNG连线。
竞选 jìngxuǎn v./n. campaign (for office)
大颚 ??? 有政治的大颚喜欢比这个样子
凶案 xiōng'àn n. murder/homicide case

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*6 - 无图无真相 - is a common internet phrase, meaning something like thing like 'pics or it didn't happen', e.g. maybe someone posts an interesting/incredible/unbelievable story and commenters might say 'pics or it didn't happen'.


The corollary for that is 有图有真相 which is then 'have pics for proof'.  So he's riffing off that to say that there's no truth/reality in society these days.

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Youtube video:



Also, a caveat - the transcripts aren't necessarily 100%. For example 所以说两岸的官员有什么不同 is actually 说一说. God help the intern who has to type these up, but if something ever doesn't make sense in the transcript, it's worth checking...

For example -有人类的地方 - is that 人类? 人为?


*1 - I'm not sure about the ABC definition here - maybe it also means potholing, but a quick Google Image search confirms that 'digging a hole' might be better. I wonder if 'digging for dirt' might be a better translation. 

*2 解套 - to free someone from a harness / trap - given the way he's teasing whatshername, "I'll let you off the hook" would do. 

*3 http://baike.baidu.com/view/4116224.htm - sort of one thing leading to another. He's referring to that fact that the photograph was found when people visited the site in response to some other outrage (or whatever it was, I'm typing as I listen)

*4 - sloppy? Not sure it's that much better...

*5 - as close as rain and water? ie, essentially the same, if in different places / states?


Also, when he says "这个比例太小了", he's saying, perhaps not entirely clearly, that it was totally out of proportion, and he asks for the photograph to go up again. 


Massive respect again, this is some very heavy listening and to cover even a few minutes in this kind of detail is tiring. 


As someone who'd love to help out on any questions you have - if you can highlight problematic bits and put any notes inline or very close, that'd save constant scrolling back and forth. And maybe a time reference for the video. 

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the transcripts aren't necessarily 100%


Definitely. Probably a few times I've translated from the text instead of from the video itself, which isn't the best idea. 


I was going through one of their chats about Wang Jiawei and they're talking about his really memorable lines of dialogue, and for the first reference the transcript is 金句 and for the rest it's 京剧 and to my mind both make enough sense. Plus the guy speaking is from HK and although he seems to say "jing" he could well be overcompensating for his lack of nginess.


But even where they've transcribed faithfully word for word it can just read like nonsense on the page because obviously it doesn't allow for pauses, switches of emphasis etc.


Next one I do I'll find a better way to make the queries easier to find etc.


It's cool getting answers. The episodes I'll be be putting up here are obviously episodes that I've worked on and will be relistening to plenty of times in the future, so clearing up some of the niggling confusions is really useful for me. 

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NG??? 而且不能NG。


Could it be a blooper? According to the wikipedia, NG stands for "a ngood cut" in East Asian variants of English (here). 




SNG ???  你看台湾有七家新闻台,所以他是太多的摄影机,还有SNG连线。


It could be Satellite News Gathering (wikipedia article here).



@OP: Great post, thanks for your help!  

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This show is great! the language they use, and the range of topics. The translation and vocab is much appreciated, thank you.

I really rate taking a piece of authentic audio, studying the transcript, translating like you've done, basically treating it like a reading exercise until you have a good idea of what's going on, and then getting the mp3 and listening to it a dozen times.


You could maybe translate this as "I think you're reading too much into it"?

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Massive respect again, this is some very heavy listening and to cover even a few minutes in this kind of detail is tiring. 


Same sentiment from myself to you, realmayo. This is absolutely awesome. I don't know how you do this heavy listening work. Work like this would set my hearing aids on fire. 

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hehe, it's much easier than I thought it would be. Two or three months ago I began trying to spend 30-60 mins almost every day listening to QQSRX episodes, with a skim though the transcripts to pick up any vocab that was key to understanding the gist of each one. After a few weeks of that it was so much easier to sit and watch a new episode and understand lots of it -- really, massively easier. And that was often just listening while walking to work, that kind of thing, nothing high-powered. But once my brain got used to the format of the show, the host and some of the guests themselves, and just got used to listening to Chinese every day again, it got so much easier, like half the fog just faded away.


Doing an episode in detail like this adds some intensive repeated listening, as well as reading, translation and vocabulary to the mix: like an all-in-one package! The fiddly, time-consuming stuff, I figure that's helping reinforce the vocab and so on. 


I really rate taking a piece of authentic audio, studying the transcript, translating like you've done, basically treating it like a reading exercise 


That's how I started out with these, but I've found too often that I'll get stuck on a sentence for ages, only to fire up the audio and realise that the transcript is misleading, perhaps there are two people talking over each other at the same time, that kind of thing.


You could maybe translate this as "I think you're reading too much into it"? 


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