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Legit visa agents in Beijing


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Thank God we do not need visa agents for our school anymore, so I have no updated information, however in the days back then when we did, Traders Link was the least unreliable out of a bunch of what are all pretty unreliable companies. So, I would say, give them a call, but have a plan B just in case.


Basicall I found there were two kinds of visa agents: 1) those that help you to put your papers together, explain stuff to you, as well as have a pretty good idea what is currently possible or not. They however do not get anything you couldn't get yourself, they just know how the system works, which I think on it's own is worth a lot, because unless you do visas every day, there is no way to know what currently is possible and what not.

2) The one with some special guanxi that can make things happen that you could not. They however are always unreliable, as their business depends on that guanxi and whatever happens there (someone getting sick, an internal project whatever) might suddenly stop or delay that guanxi and there is nothing you can do.


In case that all sounds scary, overall do not worry, there is always some way to get a visa in China, as long as you know how and are prepared to spend a little bit of money. This country works, though sometimes in mysterious ways....

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