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Bank of America/CCB Update


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For years I have been using a Bank of America debit card for free withdrawals from China Construction Bank ATMs. I did this as recently as late February 2013 in Shanghai. I had seen claims that a 1% international transaction fee was charged on such withdrawals, but I was never charged it over my years of use.


As of November 2013, I am being charged a 3% fee for all such withdrawals in Xi'an. I have not tried using my card in any other cities.


Can anyone share knowledge on this matter?

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BofA is saying there is no ATM charge, but there is a 3% for foreign currency conversion.


In addition, Bank of America has arranged for you to use your debit or ATM cards in China at China Construction Bank ATMs (China Construction Bank ATMs in Hong Kong are not included) and in Mexico at Banco Santander with no ATM Operator Fees or Non-Bank of America International ATM fees. An international transaction fee of 3% may apply when converting your currency.

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But I think this "international transaction fee" is quite common.  Generally I have stopped using credit cards for trasactions in foreign currencies. Over here, if you use a MasterCard to pay an overseas company for a transaction even in the local currency, a 0.8% fee is applied.  I have been charged this absurd fee for paying the British Airways and Hotels.com (Singapore) and even Paypal (Singapore) in HKD.


Sorry if this is off-topic.

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Right, but that's nothing new. CCB ATMs used to be exempt.




It wasn't common for BoA debit cards used at CCB ATMs. 


There are many old threads on this forum about the CCB-BoA partnership and its benefits. I have saved thousands of dollars by using it and I am hoping for confirmation that it really ended.

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