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QQSRX #4 Weixin (& The DWT Prettiest Presenter Prize) 锵锵三人行


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Episode #4.

Date      2013 1230

Title       微信令我的生活混乱不堪一事无成     Weixin messes up my life and stops me getting anything done


Link to transcript http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2013_12/31/32620733_0.shtml

Link to video       http://v.ifeng.com/news/society/201312/01ecfccf-e064-4e64-bc9c-14fa7ac8ea32.shtml

Youtube link       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4X_nruFm20

Episodes list      http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/42490-qqsrx-list-of-episodes/


Host:                    窦文涛

Guests:                许子东 and 竹幼婷


Summary:           - A Dou Wentao prize for prettiest presenter under 30

                           - Oops, Youting isn’t under 30

                           - Weixin ruining Wentao’s life

                           - Essay says the internet is ruining China


Was watching this and figured it’d be quick and easy to knock up the first few minutes: and wasn’t exactly tricky but I’m sometimes surprised how happily my brain will filter out little bits it doesn’t understand and leave me thinking that I got pretty much 99% of it perfectly.


There’s a nice bit of self-censorship at one point:


许子东:                                我就不明白脸书[Facebook]为什么中国不让进,要自己弄一个微信。

窦文涛:                                这个事不归咱们管,你说别的。


Later on (and not translated) Wentao reads out a big chunk from a chengyu-laden essay which accounts for a big chunk of the vocabulary I didn’t know, and parts of which I still don’t really understand.


All corrections/advice etc gratefully received :)

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Translation of first few mins

Blue = query, bold = vocab



1     窦文涛:        《锵锵三人行》。今天我也带一个我的图腾上来,我们这个节目,最近我写了一段讲话,不是,写了一段语录给近日以来很多新老观众纷纷点赞我们这个节目,还给我们命名一个成语,那个成语,所以我就给他们回复一段话,我就说老旧为美所以我们这个《锵锵三人行》别的都超不过别人,只有一样盖世无双,就是我们有十五年的老观众,而且每天还不断的有新观众加入进来,新的又会变成老的

1     Wentao:       QQSRX. Today I’ve brought along a totem of mine. This programme … I wrote a speech recently, no,  I wrote a quotation, to give … these days lots of our viewers, new and old, constantly praise our programme … they call us by this or that set phrase *1* … so I give them some words back in reply … I say old-fashioned is beautiful. So our QQSRX, in everything else we’re no better than all the rest, but there’s one area where we’re matchless, it’s that we’ve got people who have been viewers for 15 years. Also every day there are always new viewers joining in, and then the new viewers become old ones.

2     许子东:        人家《新闻联播》有四五十年的老观众了。

2     Zidong:          Those guys Xinwen Lianbo (News Broadcast) have viewers going back 40 or 50 years

3     窦文涛:        但是我们脱口秀。

3     Wentao:       But our … what’s the word … talk show


4     许子东:        谈话节目。

4     Zidong:          … talk show …

5     窦文涛:        新闻联播你让他聊一个看看,我跟你说《新闻联播》要能像这么做,我给他送,所以十五年的,而且日播,每天播,十五年如一日,我就说这个老,幼婷,现在你得多体会体会,老旧为美,我现在越来越觉得。

5     Wentao:       News Broadcast, make those guys chat and see what would happen.*5* … If News Broadcast did that I’d give them a [memorial tablet].   So, 15 years … and daily broadcast, going out every day, 15 years day after day … so what I reckon is, this word ‘old’ … Youting, right now you should learn a lot, old is beautiful. More and more I think that….

6     许子东:        自我安慰,你到了这个阶段了,你没办法,新青年做不了。

6     Zidong:          You’re consoling yourself. You’ve got to this stage, there’s nothing else you can do, you can’t be young and fashionable.

7     窦文涛:        错了,许老师,你讲这个话不符合你教授的见识,这个世界上最贵的是什么?这个世界上最贵的不是新的东西,你到拍卖行看看,最贵的都是老的。

7     Wentao:       You’re wrong, professor Xu. Talking that way doesn’t suit your professorial experience.  What are the most expensive things in the world? The most expensive things aren’t new things, go to the auction house and have a look, the most expensive things are old.

8     竹幼婷:        是限量

8     Youting:        [It’s because there are only a limited number of them?] *8*

9     窦文涛:        而且咱们都是为了老。

9     Wentao:       Also, we’re all because of old….

10     许子东:      但最贵不一定最好。

10     Zidong:       … but what is most expensive doesn’t have to be the best

11     窦文涛:      也是最好的。

11     Wentao:     … and the best


12     许子东:      好,我跟你没有利益冲突

12     Zidong:       OK fine, I’ve got no conflict of interest [difference of opinion?]  with you

13     窦文涛:      你不但没有利益冲突,而且如果你有冲突,你必定被葬送,为什么?为什么老就是好,你看带老字的,老百姓好不好。

13     Wentao:     Not only have you got no difference of opinion, but if you had you’d definitely be destroyed. Why, why does old mean good. Look at the Chinese character , are 老百姓 good or bad?

14     许子东:      老干部

14     Zidong:       Veteran cadre.

15     窦文涛:      对。二老,这是咱们大陆电视台的二老,我也有二老,我干活就是[]二老,一个就是老观众,二一个老板,全是带老字的。

15     Wentao:     Two parents, this is our mainland tv station’s parents *15*… I have 二老 too, I work for  二老, one is the audience, the second is the 老板, all use the character .

16     许子东:      还有一样,你现在暂时逃过的,还得为老婆。

16     Zidong:       Something else the same, which you’ve temporarily avoided: should also be for your wife 老婆.

17     窦文涛:      没有,老婆也孕育在观众之中,我就说咱们的观众通过石齐平老师,我没给地展示过,多年来,我一直收到各种各样的财富,有的我就不露了,今天我给大家展示一下,铁丝,窝的,你能看得出来这是什么吗?咱们观众猜出来有奖。

17     Wentao:     No, our viewers include wives and people who are pregnant. *16* A viewer sent it via Shi Qiping …  I haven’t shown you, over all these years I’ve received all kinds of riches, some of them I haven’t revealed, today I’ll unveil one of them … iron wire … bent … can you tell what this is? Any viewer who guesses right gets a prize.


18     竹幼婷:      什么奖?

18     Youting:      What prize?

19     窦文涛:      把这个给他,这观众托石齐平老师送给我,你能看出是什么?

19     Wentao:     I’ll give them this. This viewer asked Shi Qiping to give me this. Can you see what is is?

20     竹幼婷:      我一猜就猜到了,我一猜有知道,我说的是你的签名。

20     Youting:      I guessed it first time, I guessed it right straight away. It’s your signature.    

21     窦文涛:      这谁看的出来。

21     Wentao:     Who could work that out?

22     许子东:      这像是人家玩家家衣架

22     Zidong:       It looks like someone’s messed around with a household coat hanger*22*

23     窦文涛:      对。小孩玩的积木架,我早年的一个签名,他可能有,他就能够窝成这样的一个样子。

23     Wentao:     Yes, like a child’s building blocks game. Maybe he had an early signature of mine, and bent it into this kind of shape.

24     竹幼婷:      而且还是早年签名,可见真的是一个老观众,不然也不知道。

24     Youting:      And it’s an signature from years ago, shows he really is an old viewer, otherwise he wouldn’t know.

25     窦文涛:      对。咱们就拿这个做代表感谢观众。

25     Wentao:     Yep. We’ll hold this to show our thanks to our audience.

26     许子东:      不,你顺便也跟人家说下,你银行户口不是这个签名,不必模仿。

26     Zidong:       You should tell everyone now that this isn’t your bank account signature, they don’t need to copy it.

27     窦文涛:      不是,现在就像王羲之的《兰亭集序》一样,这样的字让我自己再写一遍,我都写不出来,但是我觉得。

27     Wentao:     No, it’s like Wang Xizhi’s Langtingji Xu, this kind of character, if I had to write it a second time, I wouldn’t be able to. But I think….    

28     许子东:      自恋,一上来就说某一段语录,现在还什么王羲之,拍卖。

28     Zidong:       You really love yourself! First you talked about your own quotation, now it’s all this about Wang Xizhi, and auctions.


29     窦文涛:      现在我们要自己不做广告,你们这些姑娘,哪敢坐在我们身边,所以以后我决心就用这个,我的权杖,以后我出现到哪主持节目,我准备都这么出来,看你们认识不认识我。

29     Wentao:     These days we can’t advertise ourselves*29*, girls like you, how come you dare sit next to me … so I decided to use this, my staff of power, from now on wherever I’m on as a presenter, I’ll have this ready to take out, see if you recognise me.

30     许子东:      你这要交给人家,谁拿了这个东西这就是窦文涛这样。

30     Zidong:       You can give this to people, whoever holds this thing is Wentao.

31     窦文涛:      行,感谢这位观众,因为我们现在靠这种原始的传播手段,我们就快过气了。

31     Wentao:     OK, thanks very much to this viewer.  Because we rely on this kind of primitive broadcasting method, we’ll quickly become has-beens.

32     许子东:      传统媒体面临大的危机。

32     Zidong:       Conventional media are facing a big crisis.

33     竹幼婷:      不会,我们《锵锵三人行》在网络上点击率很高。

33     Youting:      No way, QQSRX has a high hit-rate online.

34     窦文涛:      没错,所以说我们是历久弥新,这个老。

34     Wentao:     You’re right, that’s why I say we are forever new, this ‘old’ show.

35     许子东:      与时俱进

35     Zidong:       Keeping up with the times.

36     窦文涛:      绝对的。

36     Wentao:     Absolutely.

37     许子东:      自然跨界。

37     Zidong:       Naturally crossing boundaries [?]

38     竹幼婷:      我们这一集到底聊什么,聊如何褒奖窦文涛,我觉得话题怎么绕不开。

38     Youting:      What are we actually talking about on this episode, we’re talking about how to praise and reward Dou Wentao, it feels like we can’t get away from this topic.

39     窦文涛:      我觉得这有点像我的标本,把我做成标本了是不是。

39     Wentao:     I think this [the metal thing] is a bit like a representation of me, I’ve been turned into this thing right? *39*

40     许子东: 你以后真的发大财了,你就设立一个什么窦文涛传媒奖,这个就是奖杯,一奖后面当然要跟几十万,人家拿着才发抖

40     Zidong:       If you ever make a load of money you should found something like a Dou Wentao media prize. This would be the trophy, obviously there’s be hundreds of thousands (of money?) to go with it. Anyone who picks it up immediately starts shaking. *40*


41     窦文涛:      咱们干脆搞一个这个杯,窦文涛杯。

41     Wentao:     But how should we sort out this trophy, Dou Wentao trophy.

42     竹幼婷:      窦文涛基金会的什么最佳女主持人。

42     Youting:      The Dou Wentao Foundation or whatever, the most wonderful female presenter.

43     窦文涛:      最美女主持人奖,我才不搞最佳,最美女主持人奖,这个怎么样,而且必须是年龄30以下。

43     Wentao:     Award for the most beautiful female presenter. I wouldn’t give it for the most wonderful … prize for the most beautiful female presenter, how about that … and it should be for people under 30.

44     竹幼婷:      我刚才想说,那我可以角逐吗?30以下马上就没法进了。

44     Youting:      I was just thinking, can I compete? If it’s below 30 then I’m out straight away.

45     窦文涛:      你都过30了。

45     Wentao:     You’re past 30?!

46     竹幼婷:      我过了。

46     Youting:      Past 30.

47     窦文涛:      幼婷,今天真是减分了,你真的过30了。

47     Wentao:     Youting, today I’ve really lost points … you’re really over 30?

48     竹幼婷:      过了。

48     Youting:      Yes

49     许子东:      这应该称赞,人家有这个自信说,你应该说,这么漂亮。

49     Zidong:      Here you should praise her, if someone is confident enough to say that, you should say, you’re so beautiful.

50     窦文涛:      我真是真年轻,历久弥新。

50     Wentao:     I really …. really young …  ‘forever new’.

51     竹幼婷:      我不老,怎么上这个节目。

51     Youting:      I’m not old, so how can I be on this show?

52     窦文涛:      历久弥新,真是没想到,但是幼婷很大方

52     Wentao:     Forever new … I never thought … but see how generous *52* [or ‘composed’?] Youting is.

53     竹幼婷:      反正网络上都查得到,我也遮不了。

53     Youting:      Actually you can look it all up online, I can’t hide it.

54     窦文涛:      你看刚夸了你,所以我就说现在这个网络,我早就说过,他也是佛,他也是魔。


54     Wentao:     You see I was just praising you ….  That’s why I think nowadays the internet, I’ve said it for a long time, it’s both good and bad.

55     许子东:      你就一直放在这里。

55     Zidong:       You’re keeping it [the metal thing] put there

56     窦文涛: 五分钟出来一次,我现在先说,我认为今天这个话题可以谈谈什么呢,你们俩最爱玩了,微信微博,你们觉得你们目前的生活状况还好吗?

56     Wentao:     Bring it out every five minutes? I want to say now: I think for out topic today what can we talk about, what you two like to play with most, Weixin and Weibo, do you think … is your current life situation okay?

57     竹幼婷:      还好。

57     Youting:      It’s okay

58     许子东:           他先讲微信,我再讲微博。

58     Zidong:       Let her talk about Weixin first, then I’ll talk about Weibo

59     竹幼婷:      其实我微信有一点点是被大势所趋而加入的,就是因为你知道从台湾来,或者是在香港玩比较多什么,脸书,台湾其实通讯媒体what'sapp 比较多,因为他有很多可爱的图案,所以微信刚开始比较简单的时候,就没有什么人在用,所以我本来没有用,但是后来感觉是突然间,所有人都在问,尤其是我内 地朋友,开始都玩微信的时候,你变得不用不行,好像你就跟他们断了联系。

59     Youting:      Actually I feel a bit with Weixin that I was pushed into it by the general trend, because I know coming from Taiwan, or in Hong Kong, what’s used more is Facebook … in Taiwan people use instant media [?] like What’sapp a lot … because it’s got lots of cute designs, so when Weixin started with its fairly simple look no one used it, to begin with I didn’t use it. But then suddenly I saw, everyone was asking, especially mainland friends, when they started using Weixin, it became like it wasn’t okay not to use it, it was like you were breaking off contact with them. 


60     窦文涛:      对。

60     Wentao:     Sure

61     竹幼婷:      我说那你可不可以用what'sapp,你用不用微博,一问微博,他就告诉你说,微信比较快,你就用微信这样子,现在也是,记者打电话来说,以前都是说请问一下你的电邮是几号,现在都直接问说你的微信号是几号,我们直接发图档,什么挡都可以用微信发给你。

61     Youting:      I said can you use what’sapp, do you use Weibo, as soon as you ask about Weibo you’re told Weixin is quicker, so that’s how you end up using Weixin. And another thing now, a journalist gives you a phone call ….. before they’d say could I ask what your phone number is, now they straight away ask what your Weixin number is … we can send picture file directly, can use Weixin to send any kind of file to you.

62     窦文涛:      太方便了,许老师还没加入微信。

62     Wentao:     It’s so convenient. Xi Zidong hasn’t joined Weixin.

63     许子东:      我有微信,用的不太多。

63     Zidong:       I’ve got Weixin, don’t use it too much.

64     窦文涛:      你不用。

64     Wentao:     You don’t use it.

65     许子东:      用,但是用得不太多。

65     Zidong:       I do, but not too much.

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1              还给我们命名一个成语 ¦ was surprised to see 成语 used here, I guess partly means ‘grand’ phrase

5              新闻联播你让他聊一个看看 ¦ unsure if I’ve understood this ( ‘make those guys chat and see what would happen’)

7              是限量 ¦ is she simply saying that old things are rarer (and therefore more expensive)?

15           二老,这是咱们大陆电视台的二老,我也有二老 ¦ This gave me problems. First, I don’t see where the ‘mainland tv channel’ fits in, and second 二老: presumably this means parents because it’s the two ‘old people’ important in your life, and he’s playing with it to mean to important things in his career.

17           老婆也孕育在观众之中 ¦ Not sure what he means here.

22           这像是人家玩家家的衣架 ¦ Don’t understand 家家, have translated it as’household (coat hanger)’

29           现在我们要自己不做广告 ¦ Not sure about this, guessed it was These days we can’t advertise ourselves [edit: now realise that 要 = "if" so it's 'if we can't advertise ourselves these days...'

39           我觉得这有点像我的标本,把我做成标本了是? ¦ No idea how to translate 标本

40           人家拿着才发抖 ¦ Is it ‘Someone picks it up and everyone trembles’ or ‘Anyone who picks it up immediately starts shaking’

52           但是幼婷很大方 ¦ how would you translate 大方?

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1   图腾    túténg n.loan totem

1   语录    yǔlù n. recorded utterance; quotation (esp. in Zen Buddhism, Neo-Confucianism, and Mao Zedong Thought)

1   老旧    lǎojiù s.v. old-styled; old and worn-out; old-fashioned

1   盖世无双    gàishìwúshuāng f.e. unrivaled; matchless

5       biǎn n. ①horizontal inscribed board; plaque ②silk banner embroidered with eulogy ③big round shallow basket

7   拍卖行    pāimàiháng n. auction house

8   限量    xiànliàng v.o. ①limit the quantity of; set bounds to ②evaluate; estimate ◆n. limits; limitation

12   利益冲突    lìyì chōngtū n. conflict of interest

13   葬送    zàngsòng v. ①ruin (future hopes/etc.)

14   老干部    lǎogànbù n. veteran cadre

17   孕育    yùnyù v. ①be pregnant with; breed ②foster; nurture

17       wō [didn’t know one meaning as a verb is ③bend; crease]

22   衣架    yījià n. coat hanger    

23   积木架    I’m translating this as toy building blocks.

26   银行户口    Bank account

27   像王羲之的《兰亭集序》 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lantingji_Xu, one piece of his calligraphy included written 20 times but all differently

29   权杖    quánzhàng n. ①staff of authority (as carried by political/religious leaders)

31   过气    guòqì past one’s prime, has-been

34   历久弥新    lìjiǔmíxīn f.e. unfading; everlastingly new

35   与时俱进    yǔshíjūjìn abreast of modern developments, to keep up with the times, progressive, timely

38   褒奖    bāojiǎng v. praise and award

39   标本    biāoběn n. ①specimen; sample ②Ch. med. root cause and symptoms of a disease ③appearance and reality

44   角逐    juézhú v. ①contend; compete/vie for

59   脸书    Facebook

61   图档    Picture file



往来无白丁    http://wenda.tianya.cn/question/77027bb76b2884fb

混乱不堪     hùnluànbùkān f.e. Utter disorder prevails.

一事无成    yīshìwúchéng f.e. accomplish nothing; get nowhere

催命    cuīmìng v.o. keep pressing sb. to do sth.

嘟噜     dūlu m. (for bunches/ clusters) ◆v. ①hang down in a bunch ②grumble; mutter ◆n. trill

合约    héyuē n. treaty; contract

好奇心    hàoqíxīn n. curiosity

反其道而行之    fǎn qí dào ér xíng zhī    to do the very opposite, to act in a diametrically opposite way

公权力    gōngquánlì n. government power/authority; public rights

宣泄    xuānxiè v. ①drain off (liquids) ②unbosom oneself ③rant

意识形态    yìshi xíngtài n. ①pol. ideology ②values; thought

举报    jǔbào v. report (sth.) to the authorities

减压    jiǎnyā v.o. reduce pressure; decompress


明窗净几    míngchuāngjìngjī f.e. exceptionally clean (of rooms)

瞬息万变    shùnxīwànbiàn f.e. fast changing

并举    bìngjǔ v. ①develop/propose simultaneously ②carry on (two things) at the same time

火爆    huǒbào s.v. topo. ①fiery | Tā píqi . He has a fiery temper. ②flourishing ③exuberant; lively

异化    yìhuà n. ①phil. alienation ②lg. dissimilation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marx%27s_theory_of_alienation

傻气    shǎqi n. silly manner; foolishness

跟班    v.o. join a regular shift/class ◆n. ①attendant ②footman

压倒    yādǎo r.v. overwhelm; overpower

主宰    zhǔzǎi v. dominate; dictate; decide ◆n. ①man in charge; man with supreme powers ②sovereign ③rel. god

素材    sùcái n. source material

精神产品    jīngshén chǎnpǐn n. intellectual products

忽悠    hūyou to rock, to sway, to flicker (e.g. of lights reflected on water), to flutter (e.g. of a flag), to trick sb into doing sth, to dupe, to con

炒作    chǎozuò to hype, to promote (in the media)

招人    zhāorén to be infectious, to recruit

音色     yīnsè n. mus. tone color; timbre

如火如荼    rúhuǒrútú f.e. ①like wildfire ②impressive deployment of forces

龙卷风    lóngjuǎnfēng n. tornado; cyclone; twister

科学决策    kēxué juécè n. scientific decision making

摇摆不定    yáobǎibùdìng f.e. sway; swing; wave; vacillate

垂头丧气    chuítóusàngqì f.e. be crestfallen/dejected

洪流    hóngliú n. mighty torrent


读图    dútú v.o. interpret blueprints; read maps

信息爆炸    xìnxī bàozhà n. information explosion

湮灭    yānmiè v. ①annihilate ②destroy (evidence)

意见领袖    yìjiàn lǐngxiù n. an opinion leader

速成    sùchéng attr. speeded-up educational  ◆v. complete/do rapidly

本雅明    Walter Benjamin from Frankfurt School http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Benjamin

生产方式    shēngchǎn fāngshì n. mode of production

陶傑    Chip Tsao

肉身    ròushēn n. corporeal body

紧跟    jǐngēn v. follow closely; keep in step with

结尾    jiéwěi n. end; ending

功成名就    gōngchéngmíngjiù f.e. achieve both success and fame

身为    shēnwéi v.p. as; in the capacity of

大文豪    dàwénháo n. literary giant

政协    Zhèng-Xié p.w. Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

长袍    chángpáo n. long gown; robe

精英    jīngyīng n. ①essence ②quintessence ③(the) elite

印数    yìnshù n. print. printing; impression; print

真知灼见    zhēnzhīzhuójiàn f.e. penetrating insight

三个臭皮匠    The Three Stooges

排行榜    páihángbǎng n. a list of names arranged according to seniority or place in a competition

羞耻     xiūchǐ n. (sense of) shame

屏除    bǐngchú v. get rid of; dismiss

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Nobody!? If I was you, realmayo, I'd be feeling pretty unloved right about now...


Ok, what have we got...


1. I think he's just saying that they used lots of chengyu in praising them. 

 有四五十年的老观众了 - check your translation for that

5. I think you've got it right - it's kind of "I'd like to see them try and do this..."

7. Yeah. I think the phrase is used in the context of 'limited edition'

15. First, I don't think the 咱们 should be there. Second, the 'mainland TV's erlao' refers back to the 老百姓 / 老干部 - that's who the mainland TV answers to. Then he goes on to give his erlao - bosses and 'old' viewers. 

17. I'm not sure exactly what he says, but I guess the meaning is that his wife is amongst the audience, so included. 

22. to 玩家家 is kids playing house - so whatever that is, it looks like a toy clothes...horse?

29. Not sure about this

39. Not sure. 标本 can be the stuffed animals in museum exhibits, maybe it's that. 

40. It's not immediately, but only when. Not quite sure what he's trying to say (or maybe I'm just not trying so hard as I get nearer the end...

52. Maybe elegant? Hard to say, he doesn't follow through on the thought. 


Had to do these in a bit of a rush. I also noticed at some point I think you'd mistranslated something with 干脆, but my pizza's in the oven so you'll have to find it yourself ;-)


Keep it up!

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39. Not sure. 标本 can be the stuffed animals in museum exhibits, maybe it's that.

Funnily enough, this has come up twice in the episode of 爱情公寓 that I've been watching today.

First time (early in the show, s01e06):

曾小贤: 谢谢你啊, 展博, 真是个好主意 。 她那个超级有钱的老爹要是知道她在为我打工一怒之下把我们电台买下来改造成博物馆。 我做馆长啊

胡一菲: 你们台长做馆长。 你最多做标本

Context: 曾小贤 doesn't like 展博's suggestion that 宛瑜 come work for him, because she's too rich (essentially). 一菲 punctures his ego a little.

Second time (after 宛瑜's first day has been a disaster, said in tones of despair):

曾小贤: 你问问你爸爸愿不愿意把电台买下来,我宁可做标本

I wouldn't have understood what they were talking about if I hadn't read this thread yesterday, so thanks to both of you.

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I haven't watched this edition of 锵锵三人行 yet, but I will, since

I'll be picking new or recent ones that I find interesting enough to spend extra time on.

I have to admit that a decent proportion of them will probably have the Taiwanese presenter 竹幼婷 cos she is lovely

is definitely true.

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  • 2 weeks later...

17 老婆也孕育在观众之中 ¦ Not sure what he means here.

I think it's nothing to do with pregnancy in the literal sense, it's just a way of saying 'is contained within'. If you google "也孕育在" you can see lots of non-literal examples, generally of the form 也孕育在 。。。 之中

It's just unfortunate that he's talking about his wife and pregnancy in the same sentence, as it inevitably makes it confusing.

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嘟噜     dūlu m. (for bunches/ clusters) ◆v. ①hang down in a bunch ②grumble; mutter ◆n. trill


This caused me some problems. From the context none of the dictionary definitions seem to make sense. If you watch 窦文涛 and 许子东 while they say it, I think it gives it away - the 嘟噜 onomatopoeia is used to express the sound of someone typing on a phone, or possibly to receiving a whatsapp style message alert. If you google something like "嘟噜 手机" there are lots of seemingly relevant results.


It gets said a lot, but I think the most helpful context is:







Please let me know if that sounds right.











The use of here is what's being discussed towards the end of this post, right?

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michaelS, really appreciate your comments here. Yours too of course Mr Roddy. Am not feeling unloved, largely because once there's a batch of these up I hope they'll be helpful for people over time and even if there are some bits that remain uncertain, that's not the end of the world. That said, nice to see people taking an interest of course!


I recently discussed some of these bits with a Chinese friend but don't have my notes to hand.

I need to back and edit some of my attempted translations for this and the others.

I also need to stick up my latest one of these on Wang Jiawei,


Quickly though:

也孕育在 。。。 之中 .... aha! that makes complete sense, explains it perfectly.

嘟噜 -- I figured this was just the sound of your phone beeping once it gets a new message or update.

网络控,手机控 -- so here 控 almost means addiction, or better "compulsion", would you say?

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Couple more tweaks:

#29 I think a better reading of here 要 is "if" 现在我们要自己不做广告 so it's 'if we can't advertise ourselves these days...'

#39 As per Roddy, was told 标本 would be e.g. a butterfly in your butterfly collection

#40 这个就是奖杯,一奖后面当然要跟几十万,人家拿着发抖。 I see, so the is emphasising that people will start shaking only because of the money (and not because of any prestige or indeed the beauty of trophy).

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I'm really bad at this.  Just listening to it first, I could hard make out anything they were saying.  I could have sworn I heard the word '广州'' / guang zhou and later on '铅笔' / qian bi.  Turned out to be '观众' guan zhong' and  '签名' / qian ming'.  I least I got one syllable right and in one place only heard an extra g when there was none and got the tone wrong. 


Has anyone seen an episode with 2 women guests?  I'm mostly around native women speakers in real life, but since the host of the show talks so much it seems the conversation is dominated by male voices.  It would probably be more useful for me to hear more women speaking. 

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I'm really bad at this. Just listening to it first, I could hard make out anything they were saying. I could have sworn I heard the word '广州'' / guang zhou and later on '铅笔' / qian bi. Turned out to be '观众' guan zhong' and '签名' / qian ming'.

This is why this sort of exercise is so useful. Now you know what you don't know, and you have something concrete to work with and improve (even if only those couple of words) compared to not knowing what you don't know, and being overwhelmed because it seemed like knowing nothing.

Everyone starts out bad at it. Those who keep at it get good at it.

Off the top of my head I can't recall an episode with 2 female guests, but I wouldn't worry too much - in my experience women tend to speak more clearly than men, so if you can understand the guys then this listening skill will carry over to women easily enough. Plus if you like, at the beginning while only listening to small sections you can focus more on the parts where females are talking.

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