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Adso Windows software / SQLite database / RSS feed


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Hi everyone -- just a brief update:

(1) Thanks to Imronhere , I'm pleased to announce that we're now distributing a Adso as a Windows binary. This version of the annotation/translation program does NOT require a separate database installation:


(2) The distribution comes with a copy of our database in SQLite format -- ready for easy integration in other open source projects. There are 137,500 entries to date. We will continue to update this file monthly.

(3) We have recently added an RSS feed to Adsotrans. This tracks user submissions to our database and constantly updates with the latest content. Might be useful for other webmasters looking for a way to put dynamic content on portals and learning sites. Submissions can be made as usual through either http://www.newsinchinese.com or http://www.adsotrans.com




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I have now a program to crawl Chinese texts and count frequency. As an side effect of this work i also get a list with words not in your database at present. My thought was to make this list available so that people can add translation and update the list. It is usually easier to go through a list with words than find missing words when using the tool. I count both words and individual characters. Now i am working on tools like linkes to zhongwen.com, stroke order data, compounds, example sentences etc. I let you know the link to the database when it is large enough. For the moment i an limiting my spider to just a few Chinese newspapers but it will soon be possible to choose different sources. One thought might be to have different counts for different usage. Newspapers are on chanell and school papers might be another.

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