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[Homework Help] "Effects of Tablet Computer on Children"

Immovable Bodhi

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Hi, all.


I once posted here, but I didn't because my Chinese studies lagged. I'm now studying with a lecturer at a University. I need input on this text of mine I made just an hour ago.


I've been studying Chinese for four years, and am currently in the last series of the Mandarin Chinese class in my University, so I think you can guess my proficiency: not too high, not too low; I can read simple analytic texts with uncomplicated logic and grammar. This is the one text I made.


The lecturer required that we use some words from previous lessons, but I did not use some because they did not fit in (it's OK). The reason why the lecturer required this is because she wanted to see how we grammatically used the words in sentences, both semantically and pragmatically.


The theme is 电脑的影响 -- I modified it to 平板电脑对孩子的影响


List of required words




Here is the Chinese text (I marked the required words in blue):








As you can see, it's pretty complicated. I took some of the sentences from Haxiu.


This is the English translation. I wrote the Mandarin first.


Recently, Mike has an especially serious problem. He used to consider that giving his daughter a tablet computer would help her study. Mike used to think that after giving a tablet computer as a birthday gift, his daughter could search data relating to her studies through the continuously online Internet feature of the tablet computer. On the contrary, her daughter gradually only picked up the tablet computer to play games such as "Fruit Ninja", and can play up to hours. Surprisingly, the tablet computer turned into something that is dangerous to his daughter's study. It seems possible that the majority of parents around the world are having the same issue. Following the modernization of China and the world, every parent have no other choice but to give their house a computer to avoid falling behind.

The high speed in which computer designs develop and change, resulting in things such as the tablet computer, sometimes makes it difficult for people. Other than the hardly suitable price, this kind of computer is usually hard not to follow and can embarrass people if they lag behind. Moreover, following the popularization of the tablet computer, the rate in which children comes into contact with the tablet computer is increasing. Children often use the computer to play color-rich games, which on first look does not seem harmful, but in reality possesses a large danger. According to a professor of eye studies, the tablet computer is a directly illuminating body of light, which, through the bright and beautiful colors of the screen, could cause strong irritation to the eye. Even if one sets the screen brightness lower, the eyes of a children have not fully formed, in turn causing no effect. In short, every head of the family must carefully watch their children's activity with the tablet.

Fortunately, the constant connectivity of the tablet computer can genuinely help a student learn. Foreign language students can search in online electronic dictionaries any where, enriching their grammar and vocabulary. Chemistry students could easily look up images of atoms. In brief, it is still okay for a head of the family to buy tablet computers for their children, as long as they carefully watch their children's activities.


I know it's a bit jumbled, but my lecturer cares more on where I put words and assemble sentences than how the whole text goes. She is actually rather too grammatical.


Oh, and the text is intended to be translated into Indonesian rather than English. I am an Indonesian native speaker studying in an Indonesian university. So if the English appears to be a bit jumbled, I think it's still fine; I intended the English translation to give readers in this forum a gist of what I am talking about in the Mandarin version.


Thank you for your kind help, people!



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Oh, yes, and please remind me if this is not the right place to request homework help. I know this looks more like Writing and I've noticed the Writing and Reading section; but since my class is inherently grammatical to begin with, I decided to post it here. (if grammatical is even the proper adjective)

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Why is it necessary to say "continuously online Internet feature", in both English and Chinese?  Isn't it simply "internet access"?


It will take plenty of work to correct the Chinese piece.  If there is no other contribution here, I will write again later.

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Here is my input to the first paragraph.  Hope it helps.




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Hi, skylee. Thanks for helping. Unfortunately there isn't any other contribution here, but yours is also enough, thank you!


I haven't been able to log in for the last two days due to lack of Internet access.






Why is it necessary to say "continuously online Internet feature", in both English and Chinese?  Isn't it simply "internet access"?


I just wanted to point out that it's continuously available, so someone can do it anywhere.

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Found this old message which, if you look for the contribution from the user Siam, traces the two terms for Internet back to a need to distinguish between any internet, and the IP-based Internet which became dominant.


That website might be worth trawling through - an archive of Chinese language discussions stretching back more than a decade? Where else would you find such a thing?

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