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I have been working in Shanghai for 5 years. I am 63 years old, and I currently hold an “Expert Permit”.


For some personal reasons, my family and I want to stay here until I’m 67. I hear that Expert Permits are not issued to people over 65, though. OTOH, everything is negotiable, especially in China  :-)


Permanent Residence might be another option. I am not a “General Manager”, but my job position is above this level, I think. Or maybe I could qualify in the “Top qualified personnel in the world” category. I think it’s true to say that I am a recognized expert in my field, which is computer-related.


Any advice? Specifically ...

(1) Which approach would be more liekly to succeed: Expert or Permanent Resident?

(2) If Permanent Resident, should I use the "General Manager" or "Top qualified personnel" category?


Thanks very much.

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Unfortunately I have no experience there, but I would suggest to speak to a visa agent in Shanghai. As you said this will be negotiable and depend on how it is applied for and presented (if you really are an expert or not I would assume nobody will really care about, it will be the pieces of paper in the application and the story told by the person handing them in that matter) and if you can find an agent who has done this previously you should be fine.

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