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唧唧歪歪 in English


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I’ve been silent for quite a while. Hope  you are all well.


Anyone know the equivalent of 唧唧歪歪? It’s a somewhat strong phrase meaning making unnecessary annoying remarks.


Here are two example sentences I pulled off the Internet:






Any ideas, folks?


By the way, the degree to which people find it offensive may vary from person to person but I’d be absolutely offended if so described.

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Thank for your input, SN.


I think nagging is less strong than the term but it can also make a possible translation, just like babble. Rant might not because they are too much different.



Thank you, gato.


I think yammer and whine are probably the closest two I can get.

In fact, I thought of whine but wasn’t satisfied with it because 唧唧歪歪 doesn’t necessarily mean complaining. As far as the usage of the term is concerned, it’s perfectly fine that what one 唧唧歪歪s is just some unloud annoying noise.

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I would appreciate some advice on this - how far apart are "babble" and "blather" and "witter"?


Kenny said that 唧唧歪歪 means "making unnecessary annoying remarks".  But now I am confused as to what it really means based on Kenny's comments in #3 and #6 ...

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