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HELP on getting z visa in hkg for uk passport


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I am currently in the china and already have a chinese z visa on my another passport (dual passport holder) which valid untul mid sep 2014.

Got a job in beijing but need to have z visa on my uk passport..

So wondering if I can get z visa in hkg instead of going back to home town - London.

Also do I need another health certificate for this? If so where would be better/faster to get it in hkg or beijing?

Do I need CRB check certificate?

How long does it take to get z visa in hkg n do I have to go the embassy or visa centre?

So confused n worried what to do....

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Is there a particular reason why you want the Z visa on your UK passport instead of your other passport?

If you are open to have your new Z visa on the same passport, then you could try the following:

- get your previous employer to provide a statement that you have left employment there

- your new employer needs the statement from your former employer to apply for a Z visa transfer for you

- with a Z visa transfer, you should not need to get a new health exam (I did a transfer about 15 months ago)

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Gato, if it's a teaching job (or one that requires a native speaker) then that could be the problem. If the other passport is for a non-native country the OP might not be able to get the permits etc

It has been possible to get Z visas in Hong Kong.

Have you seen the Hong Kong visa thread on this forum? Give that a read, the most recent experiences.

Assuming it is still possible, You need to make sure your employer states Hong Kong as the place where you will apply for your visa though and not the UK.

It depends on your circumstances as to whether you need a CRB check. Originally, i thought if it was your first Z visa / time working in China you would need one. Not sure though.

Health check would be easier to do in Beijing i'd imagine. I went to a place near Xi Er Qi for mine. Real easy.

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Sounds like you're quitting the first job before contract is up, and hope to use the second passport to continue working in China without having to deal with any complications arising from that. Correct? 


If so - guess it's doable, but if somewhere along the line someone notices you've switched passports and wants to see your other one, could be problematic. Could happen if you're applying for a residence permit at the same office, registering at the same police station. Does your health certificate have a passport / visa number on it? Etc...

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ChTtay thanks for ur reply.

To clarify. My husband got a job in beijing and I got z visa together with him as spouse. Now I found a job and this job requests me to have z visa on my uk passport. And getting valid visa is my responsibility (of course the work place will provide all supporting documents)

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Roddy. Thanks for ur advice. As I mentioned above. It will be my first job in china. I have a z visa cuz of my husband as he has z visa. I want to work with my current visa but the work place specifically asked me to get on my uk passport. In this case, is it possible to transfer? Or have to apply again. And is it possible in hkg?

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Go to Hong Kong, apply for a Z visa with your new employer, using your UK passport.

Look at the Hong Kong visa thread: www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/41414-the-hong-kong-visa-topic/

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