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Getting a Chinese greencard


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When I searched info about that, I found at least 9 months a year for 5 years. I also read that nobody online was aware of a succesful case, not comforting, but I hope instead it is possible and there are couples who could do it. Anyway I'm interested too. I'm not married at the moment, but I'd like to get married, and this is a critical info for me.

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That's exactly what I've heard from a lot of people. Over the past couple of weeks though I read a couple of articles that really got my hopes up


aliens who seek approval to reside permanently in China must stay for at least three cumulative months every year.
A permanent residence permit will be cancelled if your accumulated stay in a year is less than three months, or your accumulated stay in a period of five years in China is less than one year, without permission.






Those who obtain a Chinese green card should not stay in China less than three months in a year or less than a year in five years.





And that second article is from 2006 too. But ya, like I said, numerous people who I've talked to have said what you're saying (that you have to stay in China for 9 months a year for 5 years in order to get a Chinese greencard). It just really got my hopes up when I read those articles - I didn't even cherrypick them or anything - they were the only 2 I read before making this thread. I wonder what the cause for all the misinformation is.

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Reading those articles made me hope too. I didn't read them before. Well, the "permanent residence permit" doesn't seem really permanent, from what I read it can last for 5 or 10 years (5 for minors, 10 for adults) and it can be renewed so if you respect the minimum stay each year no problem, anyway it's not a thing you do once and then forget about it, it has to be renewed. Both the websites are Chinese and could be reliable. While reading the articles a document called "The Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Alien in China" was mentioned, so I did some research. I found the original document in Chinese I guess if I couldn't find the info about the minimum stay, then here you can find an English translation http://lawandborder.com/translation-foreigner-exit-entry-administration-regulations-of-the-peoples-republic-of-china/ . There is a video interview to greencard holders, I'm watching it right now. http://english.cntv.cn/program/program/chinainsight/20130620/100792.shtml

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A word of warning here is not to believe it all just because it is in the law. My point being I am from a small farming area of Hubei, butr have lived more then 10 years on the east coast with my husband (a foreigner). The laws we saw on Greencards was that we must be married over 5 years and have been in China that time. We tried to apply back in my local PSB but were told I must own a house, I must have RMB200,000+ in the bank, I must hold a full time job. Back then we were struggling and I was working for myself so this failed. We also did not own a house. Ayear ago when we had been in current town, and husband had completed 5 years in his current job, his employer asked him to try and get a green card here. I went to the PSB and was told because I am not from this town originally it is impossible for me to get him a greencard unless my papers are moved here for 5 years. I currently own my own small company and we (on paper) have a house back in my area so I asked again back there if can get green card but they say I must work for someone else, not my own company. It seems as though everyone is changing the laws to suit themselves, everyone is holding out hand for "payments". Every Province, every town, every city seem to make up own rules to suit themselves so after almost 11 years of marriage my husband is still on an annual visa renewal. In a few years he is hoping to retire and really wishes to stay here for a lot more years and work part-time, but then there is another problem. If/when he gets a green card the rules for that state he can take any job EXCEPT a teachers job and that is what he is, a teacher!

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Suzee I hope the situation will get better. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I think it just isn't right that they make things so complicated, (almost) impossible. A married couple should be able to live together without problems.

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