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I heard this song on the radio this morning, and was amazed by the opening lyrics - ten characters depicting a beautiful picture.

It is a 30+ year old song. Of course I had heard it before. But I had never paid much attention to it. I really appreciate all those lyricists for giving us all these beautiful poems.

The singer Michael Kwan was a top singer in HK back then.

The lyrics (by 盧國沾) -

紅日照海上 清風晚轉涼

隨着美景匆匆散 鐘聲山上響


要探鐘聲響處 無奈我不知方向

人像晚鐘一般憤 美景不可永日享

船劃破海浪 終於也歸航

無論我多依戀你 苦於瞭解情況

歸家怨路長 癡心卻在遠方

誰遇到風浪 多少也驚惶


心中急又慌 湧出眼淚兩行

向晚景色碎 紅日向山邊降

前路也許昏昏暗 天邊總有月光

含淚看彼岸 不知你怎樣

來日也許可相見 相見止於夢鄉

相思路更長 心曲向誰唱

youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9sdzsE1FDI&list=RDI9sdzsE1FDI

Mainland China - http://music.baidu.com/song/7321099

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