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What is the minimum hours that you have to work


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Here is my story.


56 years old presenty half way through a BA TESOL course.




I am looking at possibly moving to China to retire.


I know they do not have a retiremetn visa so i will teach again


I still want to be able to enjoy time with my other half as I will also be strting a new relationship in chongqing or Beihai. 



Suggestions please

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You might get more responses if you changed your post title to something less... obscure. Like "Minimum Teaching Hours available" or "Lowest contract hours for a teacher"


I worked at one private school that offered 16 hour contracts. You essentially just worked Saturday and Sunday. That is the only time I've seen such low hours at a private school.

I think that many University teaching positions offer much lower hours than private schools. When I was looking at such a post the teaching hours were between 12 and 20 a week. There may be some office hours on top of that. You may also be expected to run an English corner or judge various English related competitions. They may not tell you about these added extras until you are actually in the job though.

If you are looking to retire in China, do you want to learn the language? If so, you could always enrol on a full time language course. That would offer a visa solution in the shorter term (a year or two or three if you're really keen) and would mean you wouldn't have to teach straight away.

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