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HSK Test: Same level two times?


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Hey guys,


I am in China at the moment, studying chinese at an university. Last month I took the HSK 5 Test and I passed.

Now my university told me some days ago, that I have to take the HSK 5 test next month because I have a Confucius Institute Scholarship, so they will pay for me...

I told them, that i already passed it last month. Their answer was, doesn't matter, Hanban wants everybody with CI Scholarhip to take the test next month.


Is that even possible? To take the same test again even I already passed it? And does it have any consequences for my already passed test when i won't pass the test next month? Like, the last one won't be valid anymore or whatever...


Oh and another thing: How long time does it take until I can go to my test center to get my official certificate?



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I don't see why it couldn't be done. Most certificates expire two years after the date of the test, so sooner or later you might need to take again an already passed exam. Of course, your case is very particular, because you're going to take it after only two months, but I can't imagine any rule that forbids it. IMHO, when you take the second exam, the first one is kind of outdated, so if you failed the second, my guess is that the fist one wouldn't be valid, but again, not everybody has access to your HSK results, so many people would have no way to find out that you failed HSK 5 the second time.


Your test center should tell you when to go to get your certificate, in my case it took around two months since the date of the test. Edit: but I took it in Europe, not in China, maybe there you can get it sooner.

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Well, 1: "Their answer was, doesn't matter, Hanban wants everybody with CI Scholarship to take the test next month."  Sounds like you don't have any choice, so make the best of it.

2: I encourage everyone to test whenever possible. Getting objective feedback on your progress is good, and I can't remember the last time I took a test that I didn't learn something. The pressure helps you to improve, I think.  And sometimes the way the questions are phrased gives some insight into the topic that I hadn't considered before.  Tests are a wonderful learning method.

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