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Harbin Institute of Technology is a good university?


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I want to know opinions about this university Harbin  Institute of Technology, what is the general opinion in China and Internationally. I'm looking to study Master Electric Engineering in this University. Any input is much appretiated. How is about prestigious and teaching quality. 

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I once had the intention to do an exchange year at that University a couple of years back. But since it didn't offer sufficient courses in English (economics) the exchange agreement between our schools eventually got cancelled. 


So while I know that it is supposed to be a good University in China it's also not very international, I've heard the majority of foreign students are Russians studying in Chinese. That's all I know, I'm sure other people have better, first-hand information. 


But perhaps a general remark: I've heard from many employers that Chinese engineering graduates don't have much hands-on experience with engineering, as universities don't have the same focus on application and skills as for example in Germany. Which basically means you have to train future engineers in-house, their degree is just a general education with broad knowledge in the field. 

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Its reputation is good in China,but not sure if it is good internationally. It is good because it was guided by the experts from the Soviet Union, and the strengths are kept in some field even though Soviet experts was withdrawn.

But why don't you try some more international institutions like Shanghai Jiao Tong University, or even Tsing Hua University.

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Tsinghua  neither SJTU have Electric Engineering on English taugth. I was accepted in Tsinghua at Management Engineering but i don't like this too much. I'm more technical than "management"guy. However i'm still considering since Tsinghua it's THE Tsinghua. What do you think.

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