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Suggestion: leaving page confirmation


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A couple of times recently I've been in the middle of typing up a post when I've accidentally exited the tab, thus losing what I've just typed. I think it'd be helpful to have a confirmation dialogue box appear when one exits a page on which one has started typing something.


Even better would be to also get an autosave feature which saves a draft copy of posts somewhere (à la lang-8​).


This isn't a gripe as it's really my own fault for being careless (and the forum as a whole runs as smoothly as a baby's bum actually that sounds pretty terrible as an adverb with "runs"... but you get the idea), but I just thought it'd be worth suggesting, as I'm sure I can't be the only one this has happened to.

Edit: also, please change the shortcut for 8) from 8​) to :sunglasses: or something else - I had to input a zero-width space into my post above to get it to display correctly.

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Actually there is an autosave function, although I rarely use it and I'm not sure how well it works, works across different browsers, etc. See attached images. 


To be honest when I was trying to get it to work for these images it seemed slow and I'm not sure how often it autosaves. But if you accidentally close a tab, head back to the page you were on and see if you can see the 'view auto saved content' thing. 





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