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QQSRX #8 Male Models 锵锵三人行


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Episode #8

Date      2013 0315

Title      马英九女婿不算帅哥 倒更像是小偷

Ma Ying-jeou’s son-in-law isn’t a handsome guy, he actually looks more like a thief.


Link to transcript http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2013_03/16/23176818_0.shtml

Link to video       http://v.ifeng.com/news/opinion/201303/50873163-082e-4ae3-bebf-925a1879d456.shtml

Youtube link       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhgxSzp1yY8

Episodes list      http://www.chinese-f...st-of-episodes/


 Host:                    窦文涛

Guests:                马家辉     and     竹幼婷


Topic: Male Models



  • Male models
  • Taiwanese media
  • What do women want?
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Translation of first section

Blue = query, bold = vocab



1. 窦文涛:《锵锵三人行》,这个三八节,是吧?都过去了。

1. Wentao: QQSRX. International Women’s Day, right? It’s already been...


2. 马家辉:过去多久了?

2. Ma Jiahui: How long ago was that?


3. 窦文涛:我们这是著名的马后炮节目。

3. Wentao: We’re the show that arrives late to the party.



4. Youting: You’ll do the same thing next year I bet.



5. Wentao: Right.



6. Ma Jiahui: No, not at all, I think Wentao has realised, this is a dangerous business, it’s not safe, so after thinking it over…


7. 竹幼婷:调侃女人最好。

7. Youting: …it’s best just to make fun of women…


8. 马家辉:最安全的题目就是女人,就拿来讲。

8. Ma Jiahui: … the safest topic is women, so he picked that.


9. 窦文涛:就是为什么我们是马后炮节目?因为经常情况,我是一个很被动的人,就本来对什么事也不感兴趣,但是因为三八节,他们这个节目说,那个节目说,我看了看,我就有一点兴趣,所以说,比如说这个是三八节,最近我就看到你们台湾,我要问你一个问题,你说这个,他们那个家族是不是有遗传?就马英九他们家的女人,是不是有找帅哥的这个?你看他老婆周美青

9. Wentao: So why are we this kind of programme that arrives late to the party? Under normal circumstances, I’m very passive, not particularly interested in anything. But because International Women’s Day has been on this and that programme, I watched one and then another, and I got a little bit interested!


So, speaking of International Women’s Day, recently I saw over in Taiwan, well, I want to ask you a question: does it run in their family? I’m talking about Ma Ying-jeou’s family, the women, do they have some kind of habit for handsome guys? Look at his wife, for example, Christine Chow.




10. 竹幼婷:就欣赏帅哥的那个基因有保留下来。

10. Youting: You mean, do they have a genetic predisposition to appreciate the male form?


11. 窦文涛:对,周美青找一个老派这种男人,然后你看他女儿找的,咱们再欣赏一下。

11. Wentao: Exactly. So Christine Chow went for an old school handsome guy. Next, look at who her daughter went for, let’s all just admire her taste for a minute.


12. 马家辉:帅吗?好,欣赏一下,我们来评断一下。

12. Ma Jiahui: He’s a looker, is he? Let’s admire him then, let us be the judges.


13. 窦文涛:因为以我们老派人士的眼光,不算帅哥,像个小偷,但是呢

13. Wentao: The thing is, from the point of view of us old-timers, he’s no handsome guy, he looks more like a thief.


14. 竹幼婷:你们两个是羡慕、嫉妒吧?

14. Youting: You two couldn’t be more envious, jealous, am I wrong?


15. 窦文涛:不是,真的,这个有一个审美观差异。像上岁数的人,不可能认为周杰伦,包括原来那个韩寒,你说那实际,老派人士看,那个样子叫贫寒

15. Wentao: No, honestly, there really is a difference in aesthetic tastes. Those of us who are getting on a bit can’t possibly think that Jay Chou, or… I’m including Han Han in this as well… honestly, us old timers see them and associate that kind of appearance with poverty.


16. 竹幼婷:那你觉得帅是什么?

16. Youting: So what is handsome for you?


17. 窦文涛:帅啊,比如说老派人物看,就当年台湾那种老派的那种明星。

17. Wentao: Handsome – well, for example, for us oldies there’s that Taiwanese star from back in the day…


18. 马家辉:秦汉

18. Ma Jiahui: Qing Han.


19. 窦文涛:秦汉啊。或者在大陆有一个叫什么?王心刚. 你看老人家啊,他会觉得长得比较。

19. Wentao: Yes, Qing Han. Or that one from the mainland, what was his name? Wang Xingang. The older generation might well see him as fairly…


20. 马家辉:吴奇隆这个算,没有,在我觉得,我不晓得算不算老派,我是超老派,我是帅跟俊连在一起的,英俊,像马英九这是俊,像现在你说马英九女儿的老公,女婿。

20. Jiahui: Nicky Wu is another… although I’m not really sure if I count as an old timer, maybe an honorary one. For me handsome should be about being debonair, like Ma Ying-jeou. Whereas the husband of his daughter…




21. 窦文涛:就是马英九的女婿嘛。

21. Wentao: That’d be his son-in-law….


22. 马家辉:因为婿,我不太会读,女婿。他女儿的丈夫,就是那个很酷。

22. Ma Jiahui: That character 婿, I wasn’t sure how to say it. OK, son-in-law. His daughter’s fella, I would describe him not as debonair, but as ‘cool’.


23. 窦文涛:酷。

23. Wentao: ‘Cool’.


24. 马家辉:坦白讲,他那种酷,第一个是造型,海报弄出来。文涛,坦白讲,给你打了一个灯光,涂了一个油,拍出来,除了肚皮那一块以外,都一样。

24. Ma Jiahui: This type of ‘cool’, which is first of all about a pose, looking like you’re on a poster….  Wentao, I ought to confessshining a light on you, oiling you up, taking photos…


25. 窦文涛:主要是腹股沟这一方面不行。

25. Wentao: The most important thing is the torso…


26. 马家辉:我告诉你,假如女人喜欢男人的腹肌,那是风险最大的投资,因为那个部分很难保养的。

26. Ma Jiahui: I tell you, if women like men with six packs, that’s a huge, dangerous investment, because it takes a lot of work to maintain.


27. 竹幼婷:人家不是喜欢他的这个人鱼线,人家哈佛毕业。

27. Youting: Women don’t care so much about these ‘mermaid abs’, it’s more that he went to Harvard.


28. 马家辉:对对。

28. Ma Jiahui: Yes.


29. 竹幼婷:这个对我来说是加500万分的。

29. Youting: That in my opinion adds five million points.


30. 马家辉:那一定有的,那当然了。

30. Ma Jiahui: Yes, certainly.


31. 窦文涛:德意志银行工作的。

31. Wentao: He works for Deutsche Bank.


32. 竹幼婷:过去在德意志银行工作,对不对?就做金融业,那就是有一技之长就好。

32. Youting: Used to work in Deutsche Bank, isn’t it? In finance, or some specialist area like that, that’s good enough for me.




33. 窦文涛:你有加一分吗?

33. Wentao: That earns him some points?


34. 竹幼婷:有,哈佛对我来说比较吸引。就他刚出来的时候,就这新闻一出来,因为我住香港,那我台湾以前的同业,同学,朋友,就说竹幼婷,赶快,如果你在中环看到这个人,请你要赶快用iPhone拍下来给我发独家,因为他在香港。然后我就说,我今天一整天心情不,又想说有这么一个宝在香港,我竟然没有发现,然后被人家抢走。然后人家就说,这个宝是在哈佛被发现的。我说,哦,那这样我读不到,就没有那么遗憾,就读不到哈佛。

34. Youting: It’s Harvard for me that’s particularly attractive. When first appeared on the scene, first was in the news, I was living in Hong Kong, so all of my friends from Taiwan said to me, if you see this guy around Central, get a photo of him on your iPhone and send it to me exclusive, because he’s in Hong Kong today. Afterwards I told them I hadn’t been feeling well that whole day, and they were all annoyed with me for missing out on this star. Afterwards people told me he’d been to Harvard, I thought, wow, I didn’t get into Harvard – I don’t mean I regret it though, …


35. 窦文涛:所以你看人家办婚礼,幼婷今天穿出来了。

35. Wentao: So if people are planning a wedding…


36. 竹幼婷:真的,大家庆祝。

36. Youting: Exactly, everyone give their congratulations.


37. 窦文涛:我们可以看看这个帅哥。说是做过牛仔裤广告的。你看这个腹股沟,你看那个腹股沟。

37. Wentao: We can have a look at this handsome guy. This is from a jeans advert. Take a look at that physique.


38. 马家辉:我也有啊。

38. Ma Jiahui: I have that too.


39. 窦文涛:你是别的部位吧。然后你再看下一张。你看。现在的模特儿,不是说那种漂亮,但是他能收拾出一个样子来,你像这个,你再看下一张。其实他要不收拾,我跟你说,也就是一建筑工地的民工。

39. Wentao: You’re a different type of… Now have a look at the next one. See… models nowadays, it’s not that they’re beautiful, exactly, it’s more that they’ve been tidied up like this, have a look at the next one. Actually, this one isn’t so much tidied up, he looks like a construction site labourer.




40. 马家辉:好像在三里屯贩毒的一样。

40. Ma Jiahui: Or a Sanlitun drug dealer.


41. 窦文涛:没错。你看这一收拾,我跟你讲幼婷,这个人的打扮现在真的是一个非常虚伪的。就是说现在人的相貌都不是真的,就是说扮出来的,拍出来的。因为你仔细想想,像周杰伦这样的一些,现在女孩子认为帅的一些人,如果让他脱了衣服,不是脱衣服,把他放在建筑工地的民工里面,差不多的。

41. Well quite. Look at this one. So dolled up, I’m telling you Youting, this way of dressing up is really hypocritical. Nowadays nobody’s appearance is genuine, it’s all done up, touched up. Because if you think about it carefully, these guys like Jay Chou, these guys that women find attractive – if you took away their clothes (I don’t mean take off their clothes) and put them in the middle of a group of construction workers, what would be the difference?


42. 竹幼婷:也是犀利哥的一种。

42. Youting: And people like Brother Sharp.


43. 窦文涛:他不是好看的。

43. Wentao: He wasn’t good-looking.


44. 马家辉:所以我们说,透过打扮、灯光以外,还有什么?这种明星型的名人,他以前的表演,他演什么角色,那种味道已经灌注在他形象里面。

44. Ma Jiahui: So we say, apart from dressing up and getting good lighting, what else is there? For these so-called celebrities, in the past they would act, they’d be known for certain roles, and that would permeate the image we had of them.


45. 竹幼婷:对。

45. Youting: Right.




46. 马家辉:我们看一个人,其实在消费他过去的形象,我们看刘德华,坦白讲,50多岁刘德华,连民工都比不上,假如说,你去比。可是你看刘德华,你看到是他过去以前30年演种种的杨过,什么什么,种种形象在里面了,是这种感觉,让你感觉美好。

46. Let’s take Andy Lau for example, he’s someone living off past glories. Let’s be honest, now he’s past fifty, you couldn’t even compare him to a construction worker. But if you think about him thirty years ago, think about his whole career, his image had some kind of emotion behind it, something that made you feel good.


47. 竹幼婷:而且我觉得这个驸马应该蛮委屈的吧,第一是因为他这个模特儿第一业余,他也从来也没有把它当做很正职,人家是哈佛毕业的,资讯科学系,不需要真的是说拿模特儿当一生的职业,而且就两年。只是说就你们现在媒体报道,模特儿正好有照片,有影像,很适合做新闻报道,因为你不可能去拍得知九月德意志 那个银行的大楼上上下下拍,然后来介绍驸马爷的新闻。现在正好这些动画影片,所以现在的台湾媒体都写说,男模驸马爷,或者说什么,男模女婿,人家明明就不是,人家现在就是个金融业的一个上班族,为什么?

47. Youting: Besides, I think this “emperor’s son-in-law” has been pretty hard done by, firstly because modelling has only ever been a side project for him, he’s never tried to make a career of it. The guy went to Harvard, studied computer science, he was never trying to be a professional model, just two years. But the media loves to take photos of models, film them, it’s how to sell papers. You can’t just take photos of the Deutsche Bank building, and then use those to introduce the latest piece of news about the emperor’s son-in-law. The Taiwanese media all call him “emperor’s son-in-law” or “male model son-in-law”, when he clearly isn’t that anymore, he’s an office worker in the finance industry.


48. 马家辉:不会委屈,委屈哪里了?

48. Ma Jiahui: In what way has he been hard done by?!


49. 竹幼婷:因为你永远把他放在他过去那个位置,人家现在已经不一样的身份了。所以你用模特儿去看,当然你就永远关注在他的188公分的身高,然后他长得什么样子。

49. Youting: Because you always see him in terms of who he was in the past, but that isn’t his identity any more. If you keep regarding him as a model, of course you’ll always be scrutinising him for being six foot two and looking like he does.




50. 马家辉:188公分?

50. Ma Jiahui: That tall? Six foot two?


51. 窦文涛:188公分。

51. Wentao: Six foot two…


52. 竹幼婷:188公分。

52. Youting: Six foot two.


53. 马家辉:应该打篮球。

53. Ma Jiahui: He should be a basketball player.


54. 竹幼婷:对,人家是模特儿,188公分。今天连台湾的国防部长,那个人鱼线,他们叫人鱼线,就是你胸肌这边,人鱼线。

54. Youting: Today Taiwan’s defence minister… You know that ‘mermaid line’, that part of the torso…


55. 窦文涛:鱼在哪儿呢?

55. Wentao: Why ‘mermaid’?


56. 竹幼婷:我不知道,就说那个尾巴,就那个美人鱼的尾巴。

56. Youting: I don’t know, like the tail maybe, that line like a mermaid’s tail.


57. 窦文涛:像是鱼的那个尾巴?像是那个线。

57. Wentao: Ah, OK, that line that looks like a fish tail.


58. 马家辉:我也有。

58. Ma Jiahui:  I have that too.


59. 竹幼婷:台湾所有的部长,今天立法委员质询就说,你知不知道这个叫做什么?我想说这关台湾这些部长什么事。

59. Youting: All the Taiwanese ministers… today one of the members of parliament said, do you know what he’s doing? What has this got to do with them?!


60. 窦文涛:他脱了吗?

60. Wentao: [?]


61. 竹幼婷:对,你看马英九女婿都可以到立法院被质询。

61. Youting: So you see, Ma Ying-jeou’s son-in-law can be the subject of parliamentary communiques.


62. 马家辉:那他真的委屈在哪里?说到立法院,台湾的立法院的质询,说他逃兵

62. Ma Jiahui: But where exactly has he been hard done by? Talked about in parliament, in Taiwanese official channels, they said he’s a draft-dodger.


63. 竹幼婷:对。

63. Youting: Exactly.




64. 马家辉:因为他拿了台湾的护照,然后没有服兵役,就质问他这个,就此处有很多有的没的。我觉得真的委屈在那边。可是他又有美国护照,他其实不用服兵役,有一些技术方法,就像我一样嘛,我拿台湾护照,我也没服兵役。每一次去盖一个章就行了,一直盖到四十岁。我还记得那一天对我来说是非常难过的一天,我永远记得。我不知道到了三十六岁不用盖,但我还是一样,去到台湾,出境以前,跑去他们出入境管理局,排了半天盖,给他盖。那个女的一看,好大声的讲,你不用了,你很老了,年龄到了。后面就全部笑我,全部是年轻人。我说好,小声一点,小声一点。从此我就不用盖了。

64. Ma Jiahui: Because he took a Taiwanese passport, but then didn’t do military service, so they’re asking questions about that. It’s a fuss about nothing. I can see that in that sense he’s been a little hard done by. But he also has an American passport, so actually he doesn’t need to do military service, there’s a way around it.


It’s similar with me in fact, I took a Taiwanese passport but likewise never served. Every time I’d get a stamp and it’d all be fine, until I reached forty. I can still remember that unhappy day… I didn’t realise that once you pass thirty-six there’s no need for a stamp. I arrived in Taiwan as usual, went to border control, queued up for ages, and handed it over to be stamped. The woman took one look at it, and then announced in a loud voice, there’s no need, you’re old, you’re overage. Everyone behind me was laughing, all these youngsters. I said, OK, fine, but keep your voice down! And ever since I’ve never needed to get it stamped.


65. 窦文涛:台湾现在,我觉得也挺有意思,这就是,你看我们作为大陆也就可以理解就是互相缺乏安全感的人,他们会猜想什么?你看台湾现在质询的是说,你们两口子怎么能住在香港?

65. Wentao: I think Taiwan these days is a very interesting place. Us mainlanders can see that people there have a real sense of insecurity, what is it they suppose is going to happen? What people there are asking themselves is, how can our (?) young couples live in Hong Kong?


66. 竹幼婷:对。

66. Youting: Right.




67. 窦文涛:说会当成中共的肉票,说中共会绑架,中共就看起来了。台湾一旦有什么异动,不统一,是吧?你帅哥就被绑了,是吧?哎,我觉得这真有意思,台湾开始担心这个问题。

67. Wentao: Saying that you might become the CCP’s hostages, you might be kidnapped, that’s what the CCP’s up to. There’s been a lot of strange activity, a sense of disunity, am I right? Your models are getting kidnapped, right? I think it’s really interesting that Taiwan is starting to worry about this kind of thing.


68. 竹幼婷:没有真的担心,你也被骗了,就立委不知道问什么,那我身为民进党立委,我怎么能祝福你,我不能只是恭喜啊,所以我得找点话题,我也想问其他事实,可能我也想问什么钓鱼岛核电的事情,但现在不是这个口,那我去问钓鱼岛,去问核电,今天版面就没有我,你当然是想我问驸马爷,那我身为民进党,我只能说,好吧,那什么都是。在台湾不是有句话嘛,什么都是中共。你要不在,都是中共,什么都是中共害的,就这样讲。现在什么都是中共,就住香港不行,我们国安怎么派人过去?所以一定要。

68. Youting: Hardly worrying. You’ve been misinformed. It’s just that the politicians don’t know what to ask about. Say I’m a DPP politician, I can’t just congratulate the government. I have to look for some topic, I might want to ask about some other stuff as well, about the Diaoyu islands, about nuclear power, but this doesn’t get me on the front pages. So I’ll ask about the ‘emperor’s son-in-law’. But because I’m in the DPP… everything’s about the CCP, the harm done by the CCP. So living in Hong Kong is not on, how can National Security permit it?


69. 窦文涛:对,给中共当肉票了。

69. Wentao: [doing an impression] Giving the CCP more hostages.


70. 竹幼婷:对,没有真的担心,你也不用担心。

70. Youting: Right. There’s no real worry. You don’t need to worry either.


71. 马家辉:幼婷这句话令我想起好久以前在香港,回归后的几年,那时候香港有几句话说,什么东西董建华,我老婆的那个便秘拉不出,都是董建华,管制不好。

71. Ma Jiahui: What Youting’s saying reminds me of a long time ago in Hong Kong, a few years after the handover, people there used to say everything was about Tung Chee-hwa [the Hong Kong CEO]. My wife’s constipated, oh, that’ll be Tung Chee-hwa’s fault, bad management.




72. 窦文涛:那董建华呢?好好先生。香港好,祖国好,祖国好,香港好。语录嘛。咱们还是讲三八妇女节,我是从这个人鱼线,我想到一个问题。

72. Wentao: That Tung Chee-hwa, what a guy. [mocking impression] If all’s well in Hong Kong, all’s well in the motherland. If all’s well in the motherland, then all’s well in Hong Kong. That’s a quote. Anyway, let’s get back to International Women’s Day. From all this talk of abs and six-packs, I have a question to ask.


73. 竹幼婷:什么问题?

73. Youting: What question?


74. 窦文涛:就是女人究竟要什么?你看那天他们讲了,就是谁啊?李安的老婆叫什么名?什么惠嘉?是吧?李安的老婆。说也拿出一个当年的照片,说看出来了,也知道周惠嘉为什么肯这样?李安小时候也是帅哥啊,感觉也是有人鱼线,有腹股沟的。

74. Wentao: What is it that women really want? You saw … who was it? What’s Ang Lee’s wife’s name? Zhou Huijia? Look at a photo from back in the day, you’ll know why she picked him. Ang Lee was a handsome guy, he had a great physique.


75. 竹幼婷:是。那情人眼里出西施嘛,你喜欢,你就觉得是帅的。我现在看李安以前的照片,我觉得也还好。可是她就觉得帅,是吧?

75. Youting: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you like someone, you find them attractive. If I look at old photos of Ang Lee, I’m not particularly moved. But she found him handsome.


76. 马家辉:我觉得现在的李安更帅,那种味道,那种成熟,那种智慧,那种温柔,你知道吗?他绝对。

76. Ma Jiahui: I think Ang Lee is more handsome now, that maturity and wisdom, gentleness, you know? Absolutely I do.




77. 窦文涛:那他老婆呢?

77. Wentao: And his wife?


78. 马家辉:他老婆。

78. Ma Jiahui: Well…


79. 窦文涛:比以前呢?

79. Wentao: Compared to before?


80. 马家辉:他老婆要跟周美青比算是漂亮,这是大美女。

80. Ma Jiahui: More attractive than Christine Chow. [?]


81. 窦文涛:所以英语里有一个笑话,就说是男人越老越好看,但是女人就是说,比如说这个男人老了长得像那个肖恩·康纳利。

81. Wentao: There is an English joke which says that as men get older, they become more handsome, they end up looking like Sean Connery.


82. 竹幼婷:对。

82. Youting: Right.


83. 窦文涛:说女人老了呢,长得也像肖恩·康纳利。

83. Wentao: And it says that with women, the older they get, the more they look like Sean Connery as well.

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Wentao doesn’t say 男人 here, it sounds like ‘ru


24: 文涛,坦白讲,给你打了一个灯光,涂了一个油,拍出来,除了肚皮那一块以外,都一样。

I get a bit lost with the meaning here. What if anything does he admit to?


25. 主要是腹股沟这一方面不行。

Is he saying that, if you don’t have a six-pack, it’s a problem?


34. 然后被人家抢走

I guess from the context she means her friends were annoyed with her?


34. 读不到哈佛

Is 读不到 ‘not get into’?


35. 所以你看人家办婚礼,幼婷今天穿出来了

Not sure about this. On screen it looks like maybe 穿 could be for a wedding ring? But would this be the right verb, I guess not.


39. 你是别的部位

Sounds more like ‘guowei’ to me.


46. 可是你看刘德华,你看到是他过去以前30年演种种的杨过

Another typo?


60. 他脱了吗?

Not sure about this.


62. 说他逃兵

I imagine that they’re saying he avoided military service, rather than that he deserted, despite the dictionary telling me it should be the latter.


64. 我拿台湾护照

Would you say 护照 with other places, rather than say ‘take … nationality’?


68. 你要不在

If you’re not in Taiwan? If you’re not in China?

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3 马后炮   mǎhòupào      --    belated action

7 调侃       tiáokǎn            --    ridicule

9 家族       jiāzú                 --    family

9            pǐ                      --     addiction

11 老派    lǎopài              --     old school

15 审美观    shěnměi guan     --    aesthetic sense

15 贫寒       pínhán            --    impoverished

21 女婿       nǚxù              --    son-in-law

25 腹股沟   fùgǔgōu       --    groin, lower abdomen

34 独家       dújiā              --    an exclusive

44 灌注       guànzhù       --    to filter down, to perfuse

46 比不上   bǐbushàng    --   can’t compare with

47 业余       yèyú              --    amateur

47 驸马爷   fùmǎye        --     Emperor’s son-in-law

47 上班族   shàngbānzú    --   office workers

59 立法委员    lìfǎ wěiyuán    --   member of Taiwanese parliament

62 逃兵           táobīng        --     desert the army, dodge the draft

64 服兵役      fú bīngyì      --      do military service

64 有的没的   yǒude méide     --   trivialities

64 盖章     gàizhāng                   --   to stamp, chop

67 肉票     ròupiào                    --    a hostage

67 绑架     bǎngjià                     --    to kidnap

68 民进党    mínjìndǎng            --    DPP (Democratic Progressive Party)

71 便秘        biànmì                     --   constipation

72好好先生    hǎo​hǎo​xiān​sheng     --     a yes-man

72 语录       yǔlù                          --    quotation

75 情人眼里出西施        --   beauty is in the eye of the beholder



I haven't made a list for the later sections. In the next part, Wentao reads an Arthurian legend.

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  • 2 weeks later...
On your queries, 


11 - drew a blank here, but I did try to figure it out. Anyone got any ideas?

Watch your pinyin on 秦汉 - Qin, not Qing. 


Nice moment in there when Ma complains of not being able to say 女婿. 


24. He's not admitting, he's being frank / honest. Use the right lighting, oil you up, and you'd like that. Apart from your belly. 

25. Yes, I think so, but as this translates as groin and I'm in a public place, I'm not confirming with a Google image search. 


34. I think she was saying she was annoyed with herself for not spotting him? And then yes, I think 'not get into'. 


35. I think he's saying she's dressed for a wedding (in red, nicely?)


39. it's not clear, but I'd say it's buwei


46. 演过 - acted in


60 - I can't hear that at all


62 yes


64 yes, I think so


68. After repeated listenings, I think she's saying 你要。。。不在的东西, meaning 'so if...something's missing', you blame 中共
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Thanks very much Roddy.


So.... who does everyone think is the best looking Chinese male?


Ang Lee?


Han Han?


Qin Han?


Jay Chou?


Brother Sharp?


Wang Xingang?


Andy Lau?


or Ma Ying-jeou's son-in-law?







Side note: I'm having trouble getting overseakids to download episodes, is it working for others?

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So care to share your view? :)


I agree that Qin Han looks very dapper. At least in the photos I posted, I think the one most open to Dou Wentao's criticism (that modern Chinese male models are just dressed up, rather than handsome) is Jay Chou.


All opinions welcome!

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