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Chinese Translation for Car Alarm System


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Hi friends,


i have a car alarm system that support only Chinese language.


could anyone help me find out what's the meaning of these three words? :)


i attached the remote screenshot.


i'm really eager to know this.


thanks in advance.:)



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Well here is my best attempt. You may be able to make more sense out of it so I am going to give the actual translation of the characters and you may be able understand better what they apply to because you may know what kind of things to expect.


First pair from left to right.


语 音    is   yu yin     speech sounds        It looks like a little dot is next to it maybe meaning the vocal sounds are on or maybe it means they are off.


Second pair


闹 铃声    is nao ling     alarm


third pair


自 投       is       zi tou        zi means ones own                   tou means to throw, to send


The last one may have a meaning that has adopted these 2 characters that I can't find.  It has a meaning together of caught in a trap but i don't know how this would apply.


Some one else here may well know of better translation for it but the first two are pretty clear i think.


Good luck.

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Wow, thanks alot shelley, your reply was very helpful for me :)

I think the third one should have a specific meaning in car alarm systems :-?

I searched for a english guide but found nothing...

Maybe it's the timer that lock all doors automatically when the owner forgets to do it. I think it's the closest meaning to "caught in a trap".

Thanks alot:)

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The left one .. 語音.... Remind you by vocal
The middle one... 鬧鈴....Remind you by "beep" sound
the right one.... 自投 ...Auto set this alarm in "Active" mode (after 1 minute of no alarm's protection)...
                                     (This is in case you forgot to set the alram to work)

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