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DeFrancis reader and TK Ann character lists for flashcard import


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Would anyone be willing to share their character lists from either DeFrancis' "Beginning Chinese Reader" or TK Ann's "Cracking the Chinese Puzzles"? I'm looking to import them to a SRS flashcard program or Skritter to be studied in the sequence in which the characters are introduced in the books.


Thanks in advance!

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Solid table! :)

Just a note: I've noticed 7 characters were redundant in the list. 

17 1510
17 1511 鲬 *
20 2013
20 2014
20 2138
20 2139
26 2974
26 2975
30 3653
30 3654
36 4912
36 4913
41 5550
41 5551



*(was 踊 but I changed it to its actual value in TK Ann: 鲬)
I just have but the 1st volume of TK Ann's books, so I couldn't check and correct the values after character #1898 :-/ 
@nerdish: if you have the abridged version, you might be able to update the 6 valued I couldn't amend :-)
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Thanks for the headsup. I think if you upload these to pleco or perhaps anki, it will be able to figure out the duplicates and you can choose to do away with them, then export them out as a new list. I started work on the DeFrancis reader but haven't had a chance to simultaneously go through the TK Ann book as planned due to job interview preparations. Tatarik, have you kept up with your studies thus far?

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:) True, there are very few duplicates so it is easy to amend. The whole point is to use the flashcards with the book anyways.. 


@nerdish: I've haven't started using TK Ann after I left it at chapter 8,.. real-mayo list actually helped understanding better what to expect. I think TK Ann's method is definitely worth it if you go the distance. Several high-frequency characters are indeed coming late down the list. 


I'm going to make a flashcards deck out of it (probably with the first 5 compound word for each), but more importantly, it's just about sitting down and going through the 'puzzles' one by one. So far, my method is to copy each one to print them into my memory, and learn the corresponding words. 

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