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How to find a shared apartment for student in Harbin?


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Hi all, I am planning to travel Harbin for learning Chinese for around 1 year. I want to know, what is the most convenient way to find a shared apartment in close to Heilongjiang University area? And what would be range of rent for a single room?


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I've been studying at HeiDa for the last three years. I graduate this July.


In my experience, most Chinese students at HeiDa are either locals living with their parents or non-locals living in dorms. Very few Chinese students will have an apartment of their own. If they do, they're likely sharing with a boyfriend/girlfriend.


So, your best chance is going to be with foreigners. I'd check out www.couchsurfing.org, though those arrangements are usually temporary. However, you may be able to network with someone there who may be able to introduce you to someone else.


Also, you'll have more options if you broaden your search to include anywhere near the subway line. There's currently only one line, and it runs right to HeiDa's entrance. I live on the far end of the line from HeiDa, and it only takes me 20 mins to get there.


Good luck!

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For a shared apartment your best option is usually to arrange something temporary for when you arrive (check refund arrangements for the dorms) and then find other students wanting to do the same thing. 


If you introduce yourself here you might find someone else in the same situation. 

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